Urine subbing: What temp range is considered acceptable?

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    Okay I promise this is the last question: Temperature Releated

    I searched the forums some more and I see that many people have varying opinions on what the "right" temperature is. I have been testing my Urinator with water and practicing for the past few days and it seems to be about 96 degrees pretty regularly. Is that too low? I am told though that the temperature strips on the outside of the urine containers are usually low by a degree or two? Should I worry? Maybe pack a heating pad in their as well or just go with the quick fix? Does Urine have a different specific heat then water, even though it mostly is water I guess. Also I see that some people say the right temperature is between 90-100 or 94 - 100 which answer is more correct?

    I am going to do some more searching and hopefully have a better answer for myself soon.

    EDIT: Just tested with my real Urine and it was pretty much the same, so I am going to hope that it is alright.
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    Under DHHS regulations, the acceptable temperature range is 90-100F, which is measured at the specimen cup.
    Ive emphasized the phrase "at the specimen cup" because you have to factor in the "temperature drop" when transferring the sub sample from the bottle and into the specimen cup.

    For details on temp drop, read post #3 in this thread:
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    Once again a big thank you, I am sure if we all knew you in real life you probably would never pay for any food or drink ever.
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    I took a u/a yesterday at LabCorp. Two of the questions asked: Was the temp within 90-100 deg, was the specimen collected in 4 minuets. You've go 4 minuets to do what you've got to do.

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