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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by thepeg, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. thepeg

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    i recently took a test in which i heated the urine on the way to the test then took off the heater win i got there...the temp was bout 98 degrees, while in the waiting room it must have cooled down cause win the tester collected it, it was lower than 90 degrees. i can retest so how do i make sure the temp is in the arget area? thanks 4 any help.
  2. thepeg

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    ps..the reason i took the heater off was cause the temp was over 100 degrees. any idea how to keep the temp in the right range?
  3. killerweed420

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    Just nuke it for about 10 seconds. Check the temp. If its 98 or so store it in your shorts. It'll stay good for a couple hours.
  4. thepowerrulz

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    I agree with Killer. I have done a bunch of test runs for Subbing and if you nuke a clean sample for about 8 seconds it seems to stay at about 97.3 to 97.8 for several hours. Just make sure your test is within 2 hours or so and you should be fine. I don't even worry about temp anymore because i cant fail by doing that method EVER!!
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    i heard if you pee in the thing the tester wants you to pee in, wait 20-30 seconds then dump it out and put whatever your substituting pee for in it, itl be your pee's temperature.
  6. thepeg

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    thanks for the advice, so no one here ever uses the heater that comes with the kit? i'm kind of paranoid now...i really dont want to lose this job! my boss is cool, he said just let him no win i think i will test clean then i can take it again (he probably doesnt no i used last nite) i have 2 kits being shipped to me now. again thanks 4 any help, this is such bullshit! possibly losing a good job over something as safe as sum pot.
  7. killerweed420

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    I only use the heater if I'm taking a physical and have to undress or I get hit with a random and have no access to a microwave.
    I just nuke it for 10 seconds and stick it in my shorts behind my fuzy dice. It stays around 98 for a couple hours. Thats why you should practice before.
  8. jeffman

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    I would never use qf without the heat pad. It is there for a reason. You will find the temperature just a degree or two warm. Just blow and swirl the sample in the cup and it will drop about a degree at a time. I have rubbed my finger on my jeans and lightly held it over the sample cup temperature strip when it was too cool but thats not dependable. It was an emergency. Too hot is better then too cold.
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  9. thepeg

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    i did a test run last nite and the temp went from 98.1 to 93.2 in bout 15 min with the vial up against my leg the whole time.(i was planning on having it tapped to my leg near my knee win i go test under lose pants) i guess if i have it under my jewels it would stay warmer but problem.. i will have too piss BAD if that warm vial is there for 20 min while i wait to take the test. should i go with a heater on the vial wrapped round my leg or no heater in stick it up by my jewels. ps it got cold last time win i wore 2 pair underwear and had it between them(the underwear that is).
  10. Lazerbeampew

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    I read that somehow attaching it to your taint is the best place to keep it for guys.

    I'm a female so we have this neat little cavity to put things inside.

    Other than that, I would put it next to your skin, not between two layers of underwear.
  11. stolengiraffe

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    Does anyone know whether or not the same rules apply for heating natural human urine for a sub? Do I just throw it in a microwave for 10sec. and store it under my sac as well?
  12. Burnt Toast

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  13. nottyvixen

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    urine too hot?

    If you find that the urine is a little too hot to submit, say about 100 degrees, if you can wait a few minutes the temp will drop pretty quickly. In reality when you urinate the urine will lose about 2 degress upon leaving your body; so remember no one is exactly 98.6. If its not coming down fast enough just swirl the sample (more airflow causes it to cool faster). And they're right, the heat pad comes with it for a reason. Most people are already nervous and can become peeshy so don't freak if it takes a few minutes. MY boyfriend and I share his Pissinator (we just buy extra samples); he gets the prosthetic part and I use the bladded by itself. But no matter what we always use the heat pads. FYI: they work best if you let the temp stabilize for about 30 minutes before you stick them on. Thet should heat for about 6 hours max.

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