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    Is there anyway to fail the test based on temperature after the nurse has accepted the sample? I think the temperature was a little low (90-92), the strip was green around there. Do these things have a marker for what the temperature was when the urine hit the cup? Even if it was 90-92 could I still pass? I know the sample is clean and I finished my test just paranoid about the temperature any help appreciated thanks!
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    Since the nurse accepted the sample, youre good. The reason why temp is checked is to deter tampering. Once the sample is accepted by the collector, temp no longer becomes a factor.
    If there was a problem with the temp, the collector wouldve brought it to your attention right then and there.
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    sorry to revive a old thread

    was curious about these temperature strips on the cup

    I am assuming its not showing a digital reading but its going on a color basis? what color indicates a good range?
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    The temp strips are a scale of 90-100F. A green dot (or box) appears above the number of the actual sample temp.

    Example: if the sample is 98F a green dot (or box) will appear above the number 98.

    Most all collection cups have temp strips instead of digital thermometers being used.
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    okay so it will display the number and its not color coordinated.

    thank you
    you have answered me question

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