US avoided a D-DAY

Discussion in 'Politics' started by katsung47, Oct 16, 2016.

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    All Fnords!
    So, what's really going on?
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    Distract who? Nobody cared about that turd.
    I'm sure most cared not at all. (other than folks directly affected by his actions)
    Certainly wasn't on my calendar.

    Good Luck with the incoming administration, Kat. :thumbsupold:
    I'm thinkin' maybe even subscribe to Twitter. o_O
    It'll be like a hot line to the Oval Office.
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  3. katsung47

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    944. See how big the bubble is (1/25/2017)

    17 years ago, I found the Feds moved the area residents away and bought in houses in large scale. (see #733, 734, 736. CASH FOR HOUSE). As early as 2003, I warned of a housing bubble. (see #180. Beware of housing bubble (11/16/03))That bubble keeps growing up until now. I think that's because They failed to eliminate Kat Sung. The result is: San Jose becomes No.1 highest median house price city (where I live) and San Franciso is the No.2. (Where my mother and sisters live).

    Here is a chart of midian home sale prices of San Francisco. The curve is accordant to the persecution course the Feds apply on me. The unusual upward price started from 1993. Though the chart author thought there were two bubbles, it is still a big one in fact. The bubble stopped growing up in 2008 due to financial tsunami but the Feds managed to prevent it from breaking. The down turn was mild. Even in lowest point of 2011, it's 695,000. Double the amount of starting price.


    From steep curve you may see how big this bubble is.

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  5. Scott Freeze

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    Yeah, so it's expensive to live there... there just isn't enough building going on these days. Why not turn the rats nest into
    a duplex or triplex... then you'd get about 8,000.00 bucks a month... and you could live in the garage! Like I do.... LA really needs
    some housing not only for the HOMELESS but for people 'out there' with enough to buy one... there just ain't enough!
  6. katsung47

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    That's how they manipulate government rule to restrict the supply. So they can keep the house price upward.

    945. The 2017 bubble(2/1/2017)

    It was the popping up of the housing bubble that caused the financial tsunami in 2008. The bubble hasn't been cleaned up completely. The real estate loan were lent from banks. No big bank collapsed. They were bailed out by government with tax-payers' money. The banks still held large quantity of foreclosed houses. Then we saw Federal Reserve's Quantitative easy programme. That money took over the foreclosed houses for a larger bubble. QE3, where the central bank had spent close to $40 billion per month in mortgage-backed securities. So much money injected into real estate's area, that's why I said there is only one bubble - the 2007 one hasn't been cleaned up and the residue has been extended to a even bigger one - I call it 2017 bubble.

    A bubble needs money to keep it to inflating. Federal Reserve had spent nearly four trillion to blow up such a big real estate balloon. It seems they don't want to pour money into that hole any more. So a crook is pushed out to take that responsibility.

    I say 2017 bubble because: 1. Federal Reserve said it likely will increase interest twice this year - that will pop up the housing bubble.

    2. The unprecedented 2016 election in US that put an unqualified man on president seat. I said something big will happen that nobody (party) want to take the responsibility. (see "902. Trump's job (2) (5/7/2016)")

    3. Something big (other then the coming economic crisis) will take place in Europe: War; natural disaster; terror attack.... to distract people from that economic crisis, and drive the money in Europe to US to take over the bubble too. It relates to Russian. I believe Putin is bribed by the Feds to cooperate on this. Trump's Russian love is not a coincidence.
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  7. Weezard

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    Thank for clearing that up.
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  8. EvilCartman

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    Something wicked, this way comes...

    Anarchy will be good, clean fun!
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  9. Scott Freeze

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    why trump's just a CLOWN... as you can plainly see...

    that he loves Vlad Putin is cool, at least he 'recognizes' a true enemy...

    should he just 'back up' and act like a wimp?

    like some sort of pathetic Democrat?

    I'd say NO. If he can manage it...

  10. Weezard

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    We will be fooled again.
    And again, and again . . .
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  11. Scott Freeze

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    :nailbiting:here he is then get to know him!:nailbiting:
  12. katsung47

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    946. Two unprecedented big bubbles(2/8/2017)

    Real estates bubble.(see chart at #944) Stock market bubble.


    You don't have to be an expert to realize the two big balloons Americans are facing. Yet where are those professionals, economical officials and media people? In coming months, you will see a lot of news, events to encourage people to jump into the speculation pool to buy the securities, houses.

    Trump is going to open a pandola box to release financial demons. Those demons had caused 2008 financial tsunami, were locked up by Obama, Trump wants to free them to make America greater?

    It's funny that they accuse Clinton represents the interest of Wall Street. What about Trump?
    Read 2 and 3 of last message(#945) to see how the Feds rule this country.
  13. Weezard

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    We get that the foxes are now in charge of the hen house.
    I'm calling it entertainment.
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    I have yet to hear any comedy writers crying about a lack of material. ;)
    I don't think SNL has been this popular since the Farley period.
    We have a living, breathing cartoon as our fearless leader. The jokes write themselves.
    I think Trump's election is to blame for Ringling Bros. ending the circus. They just can't compete. No longer can they claim to be "The Greatest Show On Earth". Their clowns pale in comparison.
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