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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by angry nomad, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. angry nomad

    angry nomad Registered+

    Does anyone know how they drug test for the USPS? Blood, urine hair? And if it is urine, are they in the room with you, et cetera.

    Also do they do random drug testing after you get the job?

  2. GotBeat5.0

    GotBeat5.0 Registered+

    I can help you out here since I work for the Post Office

    This is the drill I went through...

    go to the bathroom they asked you to empty all your pockets and such, then wash your hands. they shut off the water and the tester goes and stands outside the door while unlocked and then you piss into the cup.

    The tester comes back in and test with the stick the degrees and if its the right yellow hue to accept. then procedes to put a small amount of urine in another cup that then test it guess its mixes in with some chemicals for each of the drugs like weed coke opiates and such.

    its pretty simple i passed with no issues at all drank this stuff called the Goldanidator and a redbull i was set man (the redbull was to get more yellowing in me)
  3. IIQuickSilverII

    IIQuickSilverII Registered+

    or try quickfix... its beeen paraded that that stuff works excellent to cases like yours and mine(no supervision of "flow" and jsut simple strip test)... Ill let you know tomorrow how it goes for me
  4. jamstigator

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    Might be another option too. Get some clean urine from a friend, put it in a clean smallish squeeze bottle, and hang that inside your pants so that the tip of it is around your zipper area. Because it's against your groin, the temps should be okay. Then squeeze it out. It sounds almost exactly like you *are* pissing. The only drawback is when you stop squeezing and air bubbles back into the bottle, makes a little abnormal sound. But if he's outside the room, well, that just makes it easy as pie.
  5. killerweed420

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    As far as randoms for the USPS.I work for a subcontractor for the USPS and have never heard of randoms being done in the last 3 years.But if you have an accident at work they'll require a drug test.Pick up some quickfix and keep it in your car in case of an accident.
  6. angry nomad

    angry nomad Registered+

    Two more questions:
    1) Is the door open, or closed but unlocked?

    2) How much do you smoke?
  7. Iguana

    Iguana Registered+

    If you have a job that requires you to drive as part of the job, i.e. a Rural Carrier you can be subject to random testing. A friend of mine has that job and he told me about it. Anyone with postal experience please correct me if this is wrong.
  8. angry nomad

    angry nomad Registered+

    I would definitely be driving for this job. It's going around and fixing all the electronic machines the post office uses.
  9. GotBeat5.0

    GotBeat5.0 Registered+

    little late but the door is closed and unlocked with him standing right outside of it

    and I smoke a blunt or a few bowls everyday pretty much :jointsmile:
  10. Nola_baby

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    Hi, so this is for the hiring process correct? I've never heard of them coming into the bathroom and testing it there in front of you. Do you know if they test for suboxone? I take a tiny amount daily for 3 years, it started w an injury and now I take suboxone. I haven't smoked in over a week and I don't know if I should use someone else's or if I'll be ok. It depends if they test for subs on what I do. Thanks!

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