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    We have started our Norml chapter in the USVI. This week we were on 3 talk radio shows here and had another newpaper article written on the group and our efforts. I met with 2 Senators and the Lt. Governor's wife (we discussed how our efforts may affect the youth of the Territory). We had great response to our radio shows - 1 was 2 hours long and the calls never stopped. We had only 1 negative caller.

    One of the Senators has pledged to introduce legislation this session for the legalization of MJ (not just med and not just decrim). I will be talking with him this weekend.

    We really need financial supporters - even our minimum membership @ $15 will help. We need money to print our brochures and information for the educational process for the general public and the medical community.

    I have personally financed the effort to date. I can't keep it up.

    If anyone would like to see the USVI legalize medical and decriminalize marijuana - step up and support us financially. We are planning to offer temporary use permits for visitors to the VI once the laws are passed.
    That will truly make America's Paradise - Paradise!

    One Love,

    Linda Adler
    Executive Director, USVI NORML
    USVI NORML (USVI NOrml) | MySpace
    340-244-9179 (Atlantic Standard Time)

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