Use 11 hours in flower ?

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by WashougalWonder, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. WashougalWonder

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    Anyone ever experimented with going down to 11 hours in the flower room? If so, what were your findings?

    TANKJR Registered+

    Hey WW! I kinda have, but not for an entire flowering period...on my last grow I played with the lights somewhat...24/0 of darkness for one day at the beginning of flowering (right when I was switching to "12/12"), then for two weeks I went to 11/13, then 12/12 for two weeks and finally to 13/11 (first number being the "on" time)and then 24 hours of total dark and cut....I would like to tell you I noticed a difference, but I did not notice any at all. Actually what I did was not a valid experiment, because I changed other things in the grow also, like adding molasses. My reasoning for this was I was led to believe that buds need the most light you can get to them ( I also trimmed and staked this grow to get all buds all the light I could, further corrupting the outcome)) and still keep them in flower mode...that's why I was ramping up the on time, instead of your Thai which you are ramping down (your still going down right?) The 11 hours on during flower would seem to contradict what I was told by a very experienced indoor grower that 13 on is better than 12 on, but if your not doing this ramping down on the thai, why would you? Just curious... JC seems to still think buds need the most light you can get on the plants buds during flower and still keep them in flower to maximize bud size. I guess this calls for another experiment....yee haaa!:D
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    WW, I put my girls under 11/13 for a few weeks so they finish faster. Thats all it does:thumbsup:
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    I have been told that 11 hours of light will just put a little more stress on the plants and cause them to flower faster. However it will reduce over all yield. 12/12 is best but 13 on 11 off will work but take longer to finish out.' I was also told anything under 8 will cause Hermie.
    I have not tried it. However I was told that 8 hours on for the last week will milk every last drop of THC from her veins. I will try it in 6 more weeks to see if it makes a difference.:hippy::jointsmile::thumbsup:
  5. WashougalWonder

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    Well ya, the reason is the ramping down on the thai. It is now below 12/12 and there is only enough room for the younglings to get used to the shorter time, kind of using spare room. But the main flower room is 12/12 and I don't like the idea of multiple adjusts other than a daily continuance in the same direction. I do not want to hurry things and suffer any ill effects. I guess better to go below the 12 and come back up suddenly rather than a bunch of changes which could cause nanners.

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    Yea, I agree....keep doing the baby steps whatever direction you don't want it to herm now. Are you going to keep ramping down to 11 on? It sounds like Stompers did ok at 11 on....I always do things bass ackwards...LOL!
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    Personally I think it's more strain relative. Far Northern or far southern strains will react quicker to the change in light cycle, since there is less time to finish off, or in nature breed and insure the next generation.

    MOST strains seem to be bred from genetics near or north of the tropic of cancer..... so bear that in mind. ;)
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