uses for male plants?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by MRB041, Dec 3, 2007.

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    I have 4 male plants that im about to chop down, and i was wondeirng if there is any use for them. Iv read other posts where people eirther reply no theres no use at all, or something like, i guess theres a little thc in them, but i cant find any concrete claims. Since theres a lot of leaves/stems, is there any way to make hash out of them? Or is it worth it too soak it all in some grain alcohol for a week or so?
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    Do not try and make hash. You make hash out of all the trim from buds. Take them and boil them for 4 hours with butter. Take butter and make brownies.
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    you can get high from smoking the leaves but you got to smoke ALOT of them and its pretty harsh on the troat i would just recommend making cannabutter
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    Many of our European members cut their bud with tobacco. I find this to be an unnecessary health risk. Tobacco is poisonous, dangerous, and addictive, pot is not. Using make in your joints also adds a small amount of THC, tobacco does not. I would use the males as "filler" in my joints, or sift and put a major amount (along with some bud) in brownies, or maybe make some tea? - Granny:hippy:
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    finally found a use, a christmas tree :thumbsup:

    happy holidays

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