Using a Diuretic to pass a UA

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by legitlogic, Sep 10, 2008.

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    Basically i just want to know if anyone has used a Diuretic to pass a piss test.

    I have these really strong 80mg diuretics that i got from a friend of mine who said that all i needed to do was take it 2 hours before and piss as much as i can before i go in. Now i take one every time before i go and see my PO but have only had to do 1 UA while taking the Diuretic and at that time i had also taken Stat Flush which i purchased from a local smoke shop and i passed.

    So i just want to know if anyone has ever used a Diuretic and passed with no problems. Its been about 5 days since i last smoked and i see him tomorrow.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. I know i shouldn't be smoking while on probation and i consider myself an idiot at this point :(.

    Also does anyone know how long THC stays in your hair? Is there any hair test products i could buy to mask it?
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    Never used direitics to pass a test. I'm on probabtion to and i can smoke up to 6 days before and still pass with dilution. what is your age, height, weight? and how much do you smoke ?
  3. legitlogic

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    Age 21, Height 6'0, Weight around 175-180.

    Im just trying to confirm what my friend told me to do would be correct. Basically when i take the diuretic it makes me piss a hell of alot and after about 3 times it becomes clear and at that point i take a couple of vitamin b2 pills and some b6 just to add color.
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    Your exactly my weight, height, and age.

    I have heard that diretics random.

    I drink gaterade 2 big ones, and take asprin 4 hours before, eat fatty salty foods 48-72 hours before. piss like 5 times before i go take super b-complex and so far so good. I have a test this tuesday and am giving myself 6 days to pass. the past two times i only gave myself 6 days and i passed both. but this is my experience everybodys body is different and takes different time to extract thc metabolites.

    good luck

    Let us know how it goes.
  5. legitlogic

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    Ok well i got lucky today i live in TX and theres a hurricane coming so i told my PO that i was leaving town and i would see him next week. So i should be fine by next Thursday.

    I also purchased the exact same drug test they use off the net and it arrived today so i went ahead and took half of my Diuretic and waited 2 hours and passed. Keep in mind i smoke at least an ounce of dank 5 days ago.

    So what i do is take a half of one of my 80mg diuretics 2 hours before and drink about 3 bottles of water and piss as much as i can before i take the test. An hour before the test i pop a couple of vitamin B2's and B6's just to add color because the diuretic makes you piss completely clear since its all water coming out.

    So i can confirm that the diuretic does work after being clean for at least 4-5 days.

    The diuretic is a small thick white round pill that has the imprint of EP/118 on the front and 80 on the back. Apparently these are hard to get from the doctors but they do work. Doctors prescribe these pills to a lot of women so they can lose water weight.

    Also i have tried the store bought water pills and they do NOT work.

    Just a little info for anybody who can get there hands on these Diuretics. Also when i go see my PO next week ill post again just to confirm again that they do work.
  6. FakeBoobsRule

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    It sounds like you've got L**** I'm not going to write it's real name but it is a loop diuretic although I don't think you have the right tablet imprint for any generic manufacturer but you might who cares because they're useless and you'll see why. The main indication for its use is not for women to lose water weight. Yeah some doctors will prescribe it for that but not a lot of women as you posted. In fact that would be odd because that is like using a sledgehammer to swat a fly since there are milder diuretics available. It's main indications are for congestive heart failure, hypertension, and edema caused by disease states (not because she wants to lose water weight), and a few others.

    You shouldn't be using this at all to pass your test. Period.

    Diuretics are unpredictable so it is better to dilute by increasing fluid intake in order to control your dilution better. Also, some drug tests will test for diuretics so that's like subbing with dirty urine.

    I don't know why you are smoking an ounce of dank before your test anyway. I guess you don't enjoy freedom.
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