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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Mrs.WeedChick, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Mrs.WeedChick

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    I have a 15 month old son and my husband needs to take a piss test next thurs. I am wondering if I can get some of the babies pee in a bottle will he be able to use it? or what other methods for passing do you suggest? He doesn't trust the bottles of fruit flavored stuff from the head shop. I don't think we have enough time to order anything over the internet.
  2. Need2knowNOW

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    Piss is piss....whether it be a baby, adult, man, or woman. Just make sure that your baby is not on any medications as this can lead to false positives or raise suspicion. You're probably better off subbing someone elses clean piss because it'll be kinda hard waiting for your baby to use the bathroom, at least with an adult you know when they have to go and you know they wont make a mess. Just make sure to practice subbing with regular tap water several times to check if the temp will stay accurare, if you substitute is below temp. you will almost always fail or raise serious suspicion. Make sure its between 92-100 degrees when you submit the sample.
  3. seattle420

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    buy some real piss, your baby's piss probably shows traces of thc if you have smoked in the same room as it.
    so if it's important to pass the test, get some real piss from a non weedsmoker

    that may be hard to find though!
    some companys sell it on the net.
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  4. Lucifuge

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    it wont work, pee has to be around 92 degrees and cups have little thermometers on the side of them.
  5. Up In Smoke 420

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    Not true because there is a cut off point for thc and with such a little ammount the test would just come back negative.
  6. Mrs.WeedChick

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    In my own defense!

    We would never smoke infront of or around our child. We go down to the basement with a quadra-air purifier running. After he's gone to sleep on the second floor. We only smoke a bowl a night to keep our tolerance low. Thank you for those that gave advise but we decided to take our chances by just not smoking for the 7 days and taking niacin a few times. I read working out is good too so I made him "work out daily" if ya catch my drift!
  7. seattle420

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    I assume you must be back at your stressfull job, doing hard work and your titis have all dryed up so you give your bably formula instead of breast milk. (Like we are supposed to do)

    Many people smoke in the same room as their babies, and there babies turn out fine.

    some people have NO ROOMS! or they live in their car.

    every parent that I know that hid their use and love of marijuana, HAS A FUCKED UP KIID! they are the ones on drugs or stealing cars or in jail.

    EVERY parent I know who was honest and upfront about their love of the marijuana plant has GREAT KIDS!

  8. seattle420

    seattle420 Banned

    Tell me what is the magic number? what is the magical CUT OFF point for traces of THC?

    You said there is such a "cut off point" but you don't say what it is exactly.

    they are the most unproffessional and unethical people I know!
    (and I know a lot of them, and they are just drug dealers.)

    Look here is an article that proves that they are full of shit!

    Most Doctors Mishandling Teen Drug Tests
    Majority don't follow procedures that ensure accuracy, study finds

    TUESDAY, Feb. 7 (HealthDay News) -- Urine tests aimed at detecting teen drug abuse are more widely used than ever before, but a new study suggests most doctors don't have enough training to ensure test results are correct and unadulterated.

    According to experts, a properly collected urine sample includes: making sure those being tested provide identification; having patients empty their pockets and use the bathroom without running water; checking the sample immediately for proper temperature; and placing blue dye in any standing water. Also, a staff member should directly observe the patient as they provide the sample, or at least be present inside the bathroom.

    But when researchers at Harvard Medical School and Children's Hospital in Boston surveyed of 360 primary-care doctors, they found that most reported failed to use these techniques when collecting urine samples from kids aged 12 to 18. Many were also unaware of the tests' limitations.

    "This study shows that although most primary-care physicians order urine drug tests, most do not use recommended procedures for urine test collection, validation and confirmation and lack the knowledge needed to correctly interpret positive and negative results," the study authors wrote in the February issue of the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

    The study found that only 23 percent of doctors used an effective method of collecting urine samples and only 10 percent knew that nitrous oxide, ecstasy and oxycodone could not be detected in standard urine tests. Sixty-one percent of the doctors gave the incorrect answer or said "don't know" when asked if secondhand exposure to marijuana smoke would bring about a positive result on a urine drug test.

    "Physicians and parents may be falsely reassured that their child is not using a particular drug when the child never underwent proper testing for it," the Boson team conclude. On the other hand, "misinterpretation of a false-positive finding can put adolescents at risk for false accusation of substance use and diminished trust from parents, school personnel and counselors."

    More information

    The U.S. National Library of Medicine has more about urine drug screening ( ).
  9. 50 ng/ml cutoff limit for THC

    50 ng/ml cutoff limit for THC :smokin:
  10. Lucifuge

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    should be about .02%
  11. DataMatrix

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    seattle420, you don't know anything do you?

    Even the smallest amount of smoke is enough to damage a baby. The smoke that the babies will inhale has dangerous tars and carcinogens. What your saying is like "well taking the baby to a smokey pub once every week won't cause too much damage."

    Maybe they do, but some of the damage is skin deep and will shorten their babies lives.
  12. seattle420

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    I know that my son turned out fine, he just turned 21 and he doesn't drink or smoke, he's been around my marijuana use and gardens for his entire life.
    he did great in school and now has a really good job.

    everyone that I know who is truthfull to their kids about marijuana has a good bright kid like me.

    the folks who I know that hide their marijuana use have kids that are out getting busted or worse!
  13. DataMatrix

    DataMatrix Banned

    Yeah but you've shortened his life.
  14. Burnt Toast

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    Apparently you missed the part about how there is no evidence that shows cannabis is bad for a developing fetus or developing baby. Please do some research before you make such, I'll save you the time:

    Here's some more for ya:
    And some more...
    Eh, some more...






    Also check out CLAIM #7 on the "EXPOSING MARIJUANA MYTHS" page about how cannabis DOES NOT harm the fetus during pregnancy:

    For the record, I don't think cannabis is bad for children, mothers who are pregnant, or developing babies. Why would something nontoxic that is not harmful to adults all of a sudden be harmful for children? You are falling into the trap of the prohibitionists who cry "IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN!"

    Education. Such a great thing.

  15. DataMatrix

    DataMatrix Banned

    No, I'm taking about the SMOKE, not cannabis itself, thankyouverymuch.

    What you're saying is that carbon monoxide is not toxic to the lungs? Especially a baby who is developing.

    I suggest you read this:

  16. DataMatrix

    DataMatrix Banned

    Oh and next time, save yourself the time of making a new post by reading my posts properly, not ONCE did I state that cannabis harms a baby. If you read all my posts again you will see that I stated carcinogens and tar do the damage.
  17. Burnt Toast

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    Oh I've read all of your drivel. And properly, instead of the way YOU want it to be read. You are clearly indicating that cannabis smoke is harmful to children, as demonstrated in the following quote (yes the discussion at hand is CANNABIS SMOKE; so stop your backpeddling. Its not going to get you far) :

    Unfortuneately we all have to breathe in the Air.

    But do some research on that "carcinogen" thing and "marijuana". A simple LD50 would suffice -- are you in for a suprise?
    In fact, just research the LD50 for Marijuana and see what comes up. Yes you are in for a bunch of surprises.

    And all you have is Wikipedia to show for? I would rather place credence on solid substantiated scientific info (such as the articles Ive C&P'd above) instead of some online encyclopedia that any Tom, Dick, or Harry can modify or edit at will. :rolleyes:

    And if pot smoke affected babies and children in such a negative manner that youve claim it does, then how come the human race did not stop after the Baby Boom/Hippie Generation of the 1960s? The hippies smoked lots of pot and made lots of free love. And do you know the end result of all that free love? Babies. Lots of Babies. Yup the whole Generation X and even the Generation Y group of later years. Can you explain their presence? :rolleyes:

    Do yourself a big favor: Find a cure for your minionic blindness and look past the propoganda that you were taught in DARE, that "Marijuana is Reefer Madness".
    In short, Learn the facts. You can thank me later for the suggestion.
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  18. trippruss

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    michigans' cutoff for probation is 25ng/ml
  19. scream

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    i got tired of reading all the arguing and decided that you might want a good answer. it might work on some crappy piss tests but if they send it in to a lab the lab will most likely test for general age. i dont know how but they do it

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