Using Coke to help Diet

Discussion in 'Other Psychotropics' started by R2X, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. R2X

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    Has anyone done this. I've been using it for the past 2 weeks to help on my diet. I only do it when I get hungry (After I eat something healthy)...

    I run 2 miles a day, plus lift weights 3 days a week. Its just my hunger is so out of control I felt so bad all day.

    I do not have an addictive personality and have get self control. I am not using this for anything more than a diet helper and do not do more than need to stop my hunger...

    With that said... Does anyone have experence with this. I've tried to check how my long term health would be effected by this. I only want to do this for 2 month and by then I expect my weight to be down where I can control it, and my eating habits should be better by then.

    Do you guys think 2 months of use is ok?
  2. thcbongman

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    You are just going to fuck your metabolism. Sure it'll help some, but you'll realize it's a temporary fix once you stop.

    Drink some water like 1/2 an hour before you eat. If you are hungry, drink a big glass of water.

    Btw, increase your running distance, that'll help as well. Sounds like you are in a plateau.
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  3. R2X

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    What will do the harm. My new eating habits, or using coke to lower my hunger.
  4. thcbongman

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    2 months of coke won't hurt you physically much, although you'll have loss sleep, which doesn't help when losing weight. Sleeping at least 7 hours is very important when losing weight.

    If you change your appetite, your metabolism gets weaker, which isn't what you need. Simply need a little balance and a little more push.
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  5. Nullific

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    Might work temporarily but once you stop substituting lines for meals you're going to get cravings that may exceed what you normally experience. To reiterate, a few lines may curb your appetite now but missing out on them will increase it later.
  6. braddog10

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    I noticed when I take a certain antidepressant, that my hunger goes way up.
    Typically my appetite has always been high. I always thought that I was hypoglycemic. But after, I was put on bipolar meds, it abated for the first time in my life.....strange, huh.......later, my other doc thought that I might need symbalta.....hang in their - point will come soon.........When I took cymbalta, I noticed that my hunger went way up. As I recall, Cymbalta works on norepinephrine and dopamine. Dopamine can make an individual rather mean and aggressive, You'll notice that aggressiveness or even what is termed assaultiveness is a contraindication of amphetamines.due largely in part to the dopamine spike involved,..........well not that I've answered your question yet,...........but, actually its' norepinephrine that spikes your hunger.
    It is very important, or our motivation can drop to nothing

    Now, your exercising, greatly increases these body chemicals, dopamine, serotonin, and nor epinephrine. That's why exercise is a good anti depressant.
    So ~ expect your hunger to go way up for several reasons.

    In fact, I just got off of Cymbalta, For some of you ~ for obvious reasons.

    I would suggest ~ not continueing with your "dietary supplement".
    What you are doing currently causes a spike in your dopamine, but, it will leave you lower each time. I can longer see a friend anymore ever because of actions he took while in a dopamine depression from daily use.

    Hope this helps. Good question!
  7. OniEhtRedrum781

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    both, id say
  8. Its a Plant

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    well, that's your first problem, but even beyond that, it's a rather ludicrous idea for a diet plan.

    Coke is FAR too expensive to be using it as part of a diet, let alone use it recreationally like so many of us.

    Furthermore, even if you do lose weight, it won't be the right kind of weight, and you'll look like hell soon enough. You want to look healthy, and doing coke routinely for even 2 months will have you looking scrawny and thin. Don't get me wrong, you want to look thin, but not crack-head-checks-sucked-in-skeleton thin.

    My two cents though, do what you want, but the cost alone would have me throwing this idea out long ago...
  9. OniEhtRedrum781

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    wow, this guy's saying wut we're all thinking..
  10. Nullific

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    You could use coca tea instead brewed from the leaves of the erythroxylum coca. The tea will contain a trace amount of cocaine and other alkaloids that may help decrease your appetite. There are some other reported health benefits and no risks, it is suitable for daily use. Do a google search for more information and e-vendors.
  11. harmonicminor

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    Apple cider vinigar pills work for helping you not be hungry.
    lol yeah 2 months of coke use and you'll be hooked
    peeking out windows and searching the floor for crumbs of coke
    spending your rent or money needed to live on coke
  12. thcbongman

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    That's a brilliant idea. There maybe dependency, then again, I'm convinced it healthier for you than coffee. I actually have a packet in hand, I'll write the benefits they list:

    *Restorative and Energetic
    *Excellent for diet
    *Anti-diaherra option
    *Acts against fatigue and altitude sickness
    *Relieves tiredness in voice
    *Regulates Metabolism of individuals
  13. D'sLady

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    All very interesting

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