using lecithin???

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to this forum, so I'm not even sure how fast I'll get a response from someone. But, I'm really hoping that it will be soon. I made tincture base on grain alcohol, and it is nasty. I wanted to reduce to an oil, but when I put it on the slow heat to evaporate the alcohol, it looked like it wasn't getting to the consistency that it should be (the syrupy thick substance). I didn't get and I just stopped and saved what I had. Lecithin wasn't added initially, and I made this in the Magical Butter Machine2. However, does anyone know if I can add lecithin post-process. It's all done and ready, and I was wondering if it was lecithin that was needed for that syrupy texture? Anyone would know? Can I add lecithin now that it's ready made? And if yes, would anyone know how much?

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