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    Hey everyone, I noticed that alot of people were using n2's dilution method (it sounds legit) but not many people post a conclusion of the test...and the fact that it was locked and is a pretty old thread, but ill be trying his dilution method on monday (4/26) for a job interview.

    im a 140lb male 21 years old with a pretty high metabolism and what you would call a "cronic smoker" for the past two years, everyday multiple times a day.

    since 4/21 i have been drinking cranberry juice and taking niacin (only 200mgs in the morning and before i go to bed, i know its not supposed to help but it doesnt seem to hurt at all)...drinking lots of water and gatorade. i picked up some sonne's #7 today (4/24) to take in the morning and at night until test day...i also picked up some Nature's Bounty High Potency Biotin 1000mcg (b vitamins) started taking 4/24 as well as Nature's Herbs Cranberry whole fruit supplement (4 capsules=1880mg, 3 times daily per instructions) which i started taking today as well. read about the creatine so i ran up to GNC and bought GNC Pro Performance Amplified Creatine 189 ("the power of 5g of creatine in 2 tablets" woohoo.) my lovely gma found out about my situation and donated 160mg's of Lasix (very strong diaretic) which i plan on take 80mg's on sunday and the morning of the test...will also be taking 4 aspirin 4 hours before my test. i got mens 1-a-day vitamins too which i might have 2 or 3 of before i go.

    i had quit smoking on 4/20 as i found out about my test, tried to clean up got bummed reading everything on the internets and took a few bong hits of some doodoo mids last night (friday)...not enough to even get high.

    i plan on following n2's advice to the T, but will probably add some sonne's that morning to one of the waters or gatorades ill be drinking.

    any extra tips are greatly appreciated, and i will post my results back as soon as i get them and edit if anything else comes to mind. if anything im hoping for a diluted sample in which case ill prolly pay my little brother a few bucks to pee in a cup for me.

    wish me luck, i could use this :D

    edit - i will be doing a test run tomorrow, dunno if i should get a walgreens peetest though?
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  2. lulzasaurous

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    yeah so any extra tips or dont mix this and this would be great. i read about the lasix stuff here

    (sorry if you arent supposed to link to outside pages, let me know and i will edit it out, thanks.)
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    OK then so you know, the cranberry juice/pills don't do a thing to help you pass a piss test. Same with the niacin like you said. Same with the Sonnes. Same with the B multi vitamins. All you need is 1 or 2 B2 a couple hours before your test to provide color. The one thing you did get that is of major help is the creatine. Load up starting 3 days before you test to amplify your creatinine levels in your body. They will more than likely check those levels to see if you have diluted. Loading up assures you pass that check.

    The one advice I will give you is to skip the lasix. Why would you think you need a diuretic to pass a urine test? Don't mess with it. Simply follow the dilution sticky and you'll have more than enough fluids to piss out of you :)
  4. lulzasaurous

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    well the cranberry juice and pills are just one of those things you hear about all the time, and it can only do my UT good right? :)

    i know people on here dont approve of cleansers and maskers and all that junk, but my friends dad suggested it to me because he has had personal experience with it (been passing his peetests with it for a few years) and i figured for $20, why not get the extra insurance?

    the b vitamins are what i found in my cabinet i figured it would have b2 in it? im not really sure it just has a huge B and says promotes carbohydrates, protein, and fat metabolism. should i get just straight B2?

    the creatine skipped my mind so ill only be able to load up for today, sunday, and i suppose monday morning since my test is at 4pm. ive been taking a double dose of it, the thread said 48-72 hours before hand, so im on the small end but still in the threshold.

    i provided a link to why the lasix was in there, i know there are smart people on this board and could tell me a better reason to not use it...but would it hurt anything?

    i really do appreciate the help and advice webdox. i was kinda hoping a few more people frequented this section to get my hopes up because im ready to break my bong out again because im sure ill fail since im not the lucky type ;)
  5. lulzasaurous

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    madukes called me and shes picked up some straight other than that i should be good to go? ive been upping my creatine too, 3x daily.

    the poo colors are very entertaining :wtf:
  6. killerweed420

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    Use a sports drink like gatorade instead of the water.
    I would seriously consider subbing with synthetic urine if I were you.
    It takes time for an everyday smoker to get clean.
  7. lulzasaurous

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    yeah i just took another at home and failed almost instantly. kind of depressing.

    going to try to get away with using my little brothers i need to study the substitution thread :(

    by chance anyone know if i can get away with it for a fedex position :D

    i dont know if they monitor or pat you down or something...first peetest in a looooong time...
  8. Burnt Toast

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    With employment-related tests you wont be observed unless you had been suspected of tampering. In addition, the collectors cannot frisk or touch the donor in any way. That constitutes groping and is against the law.
    The collector can have the donor remove jackets, hats, and emptying of the pockets.
  9. lulzasaurous

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    ooh youre awesome, you just made my heart slow down a little :D

    i dont know how fast ill be able to get a reply, but the urine is legit as long as its between 91-100 right? closer to my body temp the better?
  10. loveblunts

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    ya thats about right.
    remember tho... those strip thermometers are usually +1 to 2 degrees off
    so if urs is showing 92F at the time of test, i think thats a little low... because pouring it will cool it down about 1F as well.
    thats wat i found out during practice lol
  11. lulzasaurous

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    wow i was pretty confident until i got in there and then all my nerves dropped. i couldnt pee. it took me like 45 minutes and 3 cups of water at the office to get a spurt out, AND i followed the dilution method as a backup. of course when i got home i pissed around 4 times ahahha.

    but even after the 45 minutes of sitting (i brought the sample in from the car at 102 degrees and just nuttucked it, no glove warmer) it was 96 on the strip.

    1 glove warmer actually made it not register on my digital thermometer (>110) and i had to use my ac to cool it down a little haha.

    so if my innocent brother is as clean as he says he is then i should have the job, he said to call him thursday if i hadnt heard anything from him.

    thanks everyone! and thanks n2! youre lifesavers, except i think fedex does randoms i dont think ill be smoking anymore..maybe a toke every blue moon.
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    The sticky was closed because instead of starting their own thread people were posting too much stuff that didn't belong in the thread. Although old, the info in it is still accurate.

    You can post links as long as they aren't spam and that can include links that end up giving free ad space to products or other commercial website blah blah blah. Yours was fine.

    Lasix is tested for and unnecessary. In fact some professional athelete was suspended for using Lasix or Bumex and I was going to post it because some people don't believe us when we say don't use prescription diuretics.
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  13. loveblunts

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    good to hear stories like this man... helps me relax a bit.
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    Just wanted to share my experience to help any fellow smokers. So, I have had two different Urine tests in the last couple of months . . . both were pre-employment screens. In the first test, I was concerned as I had smoked mj three weeks before (occasional usage). As a big guy with a low metabolism, I was pretty worried I would piss dirty. Thus, I utilized N2's dilution method to the letter with an emphasis on the creatine three days before (to increase Creatinine in diluted urine) and two B2 vitamins a couple hours before so that the urine was neon yellowish instead of dilute clear. I think this B2 component was important to pass the "initial screen" whereby the Lab Collection Guy marked temperature and color as occuring with expected norms. Also, had Gatorade (as well as water) so that my specif gravity was within normal parameters. I received a clean UA report (from Labcorp) a few days later. Interestingly, my Human Resources rep shared with me a few weeks later that they do not even test for marijuana anymore but do test for the other four of five "drugs of abuse". I guess this is because MJ is a legal grey area in my state and the company would rather deal with an occasional dope smoker then address the complexities of rescinding an offer for someone who was on medical or recreational mj. This is not dissilimar to the FBI which now does not rule out marijuana smokers so that they dont miss some of the best hackers / computer experts!

    So, skip to a couple months later . . . I had to take another drug test for a different job opportunity. T Even though I was probably safe . . . I wasn't going to risk popping dirty so I again utilized the N2 dilution method. The second time I also passed (after a long weekend wait!) but am not sure what drugs were screened.

    During both tests, I was equally worried about showing as Positive as well as testing "Diluted". I think the message here is that dilution works but you should really pay attention to the entire process (including Creatine, B2 and water / gatorade). If you don't take B2, I think it may raise the suspicion of the drug testing company due to clear urine and they will do a deeper test to ensure the urine is legit (not diluted or otherwise adulterated).

    Overall, I know this is a tense time for anyone. Good luck to all of you who need to pass a drug screen (for whatever reason!).
  15. Burnt Toast

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    Specimen integrity checks (Creatinine, pH, S/G, etc) have become lab SOP in recent years, making sample color the least aspect in determining an overdiluted sample. Therefore, they dont need to be suspicious anymore due to the color not being right. The integ check will be performed regardless.

    Even samples with a nice yellow color to them can still register unsatisfactory S/G and creatinine level. Therefore, when doing dilution techniques, it is now more important than ever before to make sure the creatinine and S/G are within the acceptable ranges.
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