Using Superthrive.

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by shovlboy, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. shovlboy

    shovlboy Registered+

    Can you use superthrive during veg and bloom?
  2. letsburn06

    letsburn06 Registered+

    Im not sure about that but im sure you can.Not exactly sure what superthrive is for never used it for growing or flowering?
  3. Gatekeeper777

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    i cant seem to find it at my locl lowes or wal-mart.
    i dont have a gro shop near me.
  4. JackdaWack

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    superthrive is for cuttlings and transplanting i belive. u could use it, wait for some one to go into detail on how much, i know it contains alot of things that might lockup. i dont think u would find it any regular stores like walmart, hydro stores will def. have it. my store has 2 rows of just nutrients
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  5. letsburn06

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    Well if its for cuttlings and transplanting im sure you could use it threw veg and bloom but i agree with jackadawack wait for someone to tell u how much to use or maybe even easier would be to go with nutes specifically for veg n flower....Just an idea.
  6. scott9116

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    I use Superthrive about every two weeks until the last month of flower. I use one drop per quart of water. Make sure to check the ph of the water AFTER you add the Superthrive as it will certainly throw it off. It's good stuff if you have any probs with a micro nutrient deficiency. Also helps in cat trauma and other stresses.
  7. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    This pisses me off so much every time I see someone do this... "I'm sure you can [use it] but I don't know what it is"
    If you don't know, then don't give an answer that is just going to confuse someone or worse, make them use a product in a way that is detrimental to their grow.


    Okay here goes.

    Superthrive is primarily a vitamin B supplement, or Thiamine.
    Thiamine stimulates rooting in plants.
    Superthrive is most commonly used as a transplanting solution, a couple drops per gallon of water right after moving the plant or rooted clone to a new pot, to help it get established.
    It is best to use only during vegetative growth.
    Overuse can cause problems, like the roots will grow and the plant will just sort of sit there seeming to do nothing.
    The only time it is beneficial to use superthrive in flower is if you are doing a late transplant.
    I only use it on ONE watering in that instance.
  8. BigWeed

    BigWeed Registered+

    Hey It can be used during the plants veg and flowering stage. I been using it for the last six years and I cant find a thing wrong with using it through out the plants cycles. You cant add to much just as the bottle says a drop will do you. It just keeps the plants healthy and strong I also use it my veggie garden and I swear by it. Yes you can use it.....:Rasta: :Rasta:
  9. divestoned

    divestoned Guest

    I use super thrive religiously outdoors...and also use a drop a gallon to beef up my hydro mix every other res. change during veg.maybe im old school but its been a staple for my last 16 yrs of growin
  10. MadHatter79

    MadHatter79 Registered+

    I use superthrive in water feedings all the way up to flowering and then use a foilage feed for a couple of days in the last weeks before flushing. The buds grew A LOT of new growth when I misted them during flowering. I never added to the water while flowering though, cuz I heard it can cause it to hermi at the end.

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