Using toilet paper roll to get rid of smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by ndhawk, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. ndhawk

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    I've found that if you just breathe through a toilet paper roll with toilet paper stuffed down the center then you can get rid of all the smoke when you exhale after taking a hit from a pipe, and if you dont let the bowl stay lit you can then get rid of all smoke pretty much anywhere like in a bathroom or something. Have any of you tried this, does it really remove the smoke or did it just seem like it to me?
  2. Cronton83

    Cronton83 Registered+

    Yeah thats an old trick. When u put the toilet paper in the middle of the role, put a dryer sheet over the end with a rubber band and the smoke will smell like the dryer sheet.

  3. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    yah, hez rite it workz alot better if ya have a scented dryer sheet frum bounty er wutever company. takez the smoke and the smell rite away. if u only have toilet paper spray sum axe er cologne on it then stuff it in the roll ta help wit the smell. the shitty part bout usuin a blowie iz that u gotta blow real hard n i juss like lettin the smoke out easily.
  4. bongo

    bongo Registered+

    I just tried it

  5. Reminissions

    Reminissions Registered+

    actually i never had to use the bounce tube as we call it because i just open my window turn on the ceiling fan and wham 4 or 5 minutes the smoke is gone no smell no smoke no worry! lol yea im really fucked up right now
  6. Kronik Bagz

    Kronik Bagz Registered+

    when i was tweakin i used those cause tweakin makes u sketchy as shit. noticed that i still smell a stoney flovor(nothing to worry bout) an i got all paranoid an built a serious odor extinguisher. took a 2 liter an like a bong had water an a tube goin down to bubble all the way to the top almost. i soaked the water with potpurri an had a couple dryer sheets on the top. remember i only built this cause i was tweakin an paraniod. i dun even need to worry bout people smellin my weed cause i only live wit a homie. thats the funny part.
  7. bongo

    bongo Registered+

  8. kyle

    kyle Registered+

    if u got a basment go nto ur basement and take a hit and wait a couple minutes,,take a hit wait a couple minutes etc. this is wat me and my buddy do if he staying over or somethin we just sit in the basement (i got a table with 4 chairs and a tv around it with my ps2 thingy) then we takea hit and play some games for a minute or two and take another works well just dont get cocky with it
  9. geoffrowley19

    geoffrowley19 Registered+

    what i do is just have it pure dryer sheets, no tp.. i dunno if it makes a diffrence but it seems to work.. can u reuse one of those rolls once uve used it once?
  10. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    oh yah man u can use em az much az u want.if u put juss dryer sheetz in, that only helpz wit the smell. they will start ta get black wit resin frum the smoke, thatz when u shood juss replace the dryer sheetz. if u smoke eryday, u shood only have ta replace em once a week er 2. an my bedroomz in the basment so i dunt rlly get bothered by my mom 2 much, but i wont blow it out the window cuz it can still stink a lil an i make sure it dont reek in my room juss cuz i dunt wanna deal wit my momz bullshit if i get caught. usin the toilet paper roll juss eliminatez my worriez makin smokin in my room alot more enjoyable. i juss put up a mirror(disco) ball so i can trip out wit that n the blacklight posterz when im on my mushiez.:)
  11. tumbleweed

    tumbleweed Registered

    the old hepa filter lol you can still see some smoke
    from the tube i used to do that in highschool when i
    didnt want my parents to know i was baking my room
    after a while i realized i was blowing smoke thru
    a cardboard tube with a dryer sheet on it and
    opened a window lol
  12. Sedater18

    Sedater18 Registered+

    My and my friend used to smoke out of my window everytnight once my cuban neighbor kept coming outside and we were so stoned we couldn't tell if he saw us or not and my friend yelled "HEY DID YOU SEE WHAT WE WERE DOING!?" hahah he didn't say anything back. But my friend is in boarding school now.
  13. stoner23

    stoner23 Registered

    if you are smoking a join and use the tp trick will u still smell weed
  14. Chongzbongz

    Chongzbongz Registered+

    i have a better idea... take an empty roll of tp and stuff some dryer liner things... the ones that smell good and breathe into that
  15. Registered+

    Yes. Smoke still escapes from the end of a joint, cause it keeps burning. I suggest using a vaporizer, but since you probably won't.. Use a pipe or bong, but blow the smoke through this tube:

    Soda Bottle
    Dryer Sheets
    Toilet Paper

    Fill the soda bottle 1/2 way with dryer sheets, pretty full.. then spray the toilet paper with cologne once or twice, and cram it in the bottle. Poke some holes in the bottom of the bottle (several, actually). Blow smoke thru it and it'll smell fucking peachy.

    Or get a chap-stick container, empty it out and put a little piece of sponge soaked with incense oils in it.. poke a hole in the bottom and you've got a portable ass disposable doob tube, that fits in your pocket and is inconspicuous..

    I am WAY too creative when I smoke.
  16. Hektik

    Hektik Registered+

    Toilet paper rolls have so many uses, anyone ever make a "pussy" out of one o_O. lol i've done it back in the day.
  17. slipnslide087

    slipnslide087 Registered+

    Hektik says: "Toilet paper rolls have so many uses, anyone ever make a "pussy" out of one o_O. lol i've done it back in the day."

    HAHAHAHAHAHA fuck yeah man. the first bowl i smoked out of was made out of a toilet paper roll. hektiks first trap was a toilet paper roll. just playin man. peace
  18. 1e64102e

    1e64102e Registered+

    Frankly, it doesn't do shit for me.
  19. RedRainDrop

    RedRainDrop Banned

    I just used one of these, and im now baked as hell, and parents do not know.:jointsmile:
  20. twoguysupnorth

    twoguysupnorth Registered+

    instead of a bowl use a bat/one hitter or get a cap for your bowl, but some smoke still escapes.

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