Using Vape to Recrystallize THC/CBD

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    Made myself a vape (photos posted) that uses a variable temp. ceramic element heat gun (Wagner HT3500: Retails at about $40-$70). Works like a dream. NOTE: Since the photo was taken, I cut the pipe below the intake valve down to be about the same size as the one on the other side near the outtake valve. I made one version (the one in photos) with the jar so I can try to recrystallize THC/CBD in grain alcohol from the vapor. I realize that this method may not be the best in terms of efficiency when compared with super-critical butane extraction (to make hash oil), but it's a lot safer/indoor-friendly--and my goal isn't efficiency as much as it is crystal purity.
    I have a thought on the process but would love some feedback as to whether people think it will work or not and suggestions to improve the process.

    I'm thinking i can fill the glass jar of my vape with 1 cup of grain alcohol and vape about an oz into it (or at least that ratio)
    I'll submerge the jar apparatus in a hot water (90deg) bath initially to warm the alcohol and vape my greens around 420deg F.
    The valve going to the bag at the other end of the jar will only be a tiny bit open to keep the pressure in the jar high without allowing the jar to explode as I add more air/THC/CBD vapor into it. NOTE: I'll be using a bigger bag than the one pictured.
    Once the bag is full, I'll close the input valve and leave the output valve only a bit open.
    Then I'll slowly add ice to the now slightly warm water bath to cool it further (and change the water as needed to maintain gradual cooling). This makes the gas more soluble in the alcohol (solubility of gas increases at lower temps and higher pressures). It also makes the temp inside the jar lower than that in the bag. This temp difference along with the higher concentration of THC/CBD in the bag relative to the jar (due to the gas dissolving into the alcohol within the jar) will cause the THC/CBD vapor to flow into the jar from the bag until there is nothing but air remaining in the bag. I should be able to tell this is happening by the disappearance of what little smoke there will be inside the jar.
    After all the smoke is gone and maybe another 10min of waiting, I will remove the bag/valve combo from the jar and smoke what's left in the bag (just to make sure I didn't remove it too quickly or waste anything). Then, when the bag is empty again, I will reattach the bag/valve combo and repeat the process over and over again until the alcohol is supersaturated with THC/CBD such that it recrystallizes in the alcohol.
    When no more crystals form in the alcohol, I'm going to siphon them out with a pipette and separate the crystals from the alcohol by pipetting the mixture through a Buchner funnel (w/ filter paper) into a vial. The crystals will then be stuck on the filter paper and the alcohol in the vial. Then I pour the contents of the vial into some Gatorade and get some drinking done while I wait for what little grain alcohol is left on the filter paper and crystals to evaporate. And 10 minutes or so later, I relish in my pure sprinkles of the happiest chemicals on planet Earth! :thumbsup:

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    olive oil instead of grain alcohol

    from the feedback i've received so far...I think it'd be safer to use olive oil instead of ethanol for the sake of ethanol's combustible nature. Though the oil won't evaporate out at the end...and no drinks will be had.

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