Utah House Passes Two Cannabis Bills for Terminally Ill, Advocates Skeptical

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    Utah House Passes Two Cannabis Bills for Terminally Ill, Advocates Skeptical


    On Tuesday, the Utah House of Representatives approved — by a small margin — a bill that would see the Department of Agriculture provide oversight on commercial cultivation of medical marijuana.

    In Utah, the minimum number of affirmative votes a bill can receive and still pass is 38. With 32 reps voting against the measure and another four not present for voting, 38 is exactly how many votes HB197 received. The slim margin of victory for HB197 almost went the other way. The proposal was put to vote Feb. 9 and received only 36 votes. But multiple state representatives changed their position on the matter since, while 4 representatives were absent in both votes.

    Utah state representatives who changed their votes to “Yea” between last Friday and Tuesday (9):

    Walt Brooks
    Kay Christofferson
    Kim Coleman
    Becky Edwards
    Kari Lisonbee
    Adam Robertson
    Doug Sagers
    Norm Thurston
    Mike Winder

    Utah state representatives who changed their votes to “Nay” (7):

    Joel Briscoe
    Scott Chew
    Sandra Hollins
    Eric Hutchings
    Brian S. King
    Dixon Pitcher
    Susan Pulsipher

    HB197 will primarily do three things if enacted into law:

    • Along with a third-party entity, the Dept. of Agriculture will ensure that medical grade cannabis is cultivated within the state for use by registered patients.
    • By July 1, 2019, there must be a state-run dispensary to distribute the medical marijuana products.
    • Courier services approved by the state may be used to deliver medical cannabis to patients in need.
    When HB197 failed to pass last week, another cannabis bill did make its way through the Utah House successfully. Coined the “Right to Try” bill, HB195 would provide terminally ill patients an alternative therapeutic option through cannabis.

    HB195 passed with 38 votes, similar to HB197, a display of the strong polarity among Utah lawmakers on the issue. This isn’t the case with voters, however, where 76 percent want medical marijuana legislation passed in the state. Currently, marijuana is still illegal in Utah, with only low-THC CBD oil permitted for use by patients in need of therapeutic relief. While CBD oil is legal, there is no infrastructure in place for said oil to be acquired by patients, driving many to purchase medication on the black market.

    Full Story Here: https://www.marijuana.com/news/2018...e-terminally-ill-but-advocates-are-skeptical/
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    Utah... well being next to them here in Colorado, we are not big fans. And, this is why. They legalized cultivation only by a government entity along with a third party. Well the third party everyone is you guessed it. BIG AG!
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    They just took power from the people... again....
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