Utah Legislative Committee Embraces Smokescreen Medical Marijuana Bill

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    Utah Legislative Committee Embraces Smokescreen Medical Marijuana Bill


    On Wednesday, Utah’s Health and Human Services Committee endorsed two bills that would purportedly give terminally ill patients the “right to try” medical marijuana in the Beehive State.

    Considered companion bills, HB 195 and HB 197 were both sponsored by state representative Brad M. Daw (R-60th District).

    [​IMG]Brad Daw@braddaw

    About to present the two medical marijuana bills I am sponsoring in the House Health and Human Services... https://fb.me/8Ipy32vsm

    1:14 PM - Jan 31, 2018

    Under HB 195, Utah’s terminally ill patients with less than six months to live would have the ”right to try” medical-grade cannabinoid extracts. Additionally, HB 195 would cap the number of patients a doctor can recommend for medicinal cannabis at 15.

    Meanwhile, back on the farm, HB 197 would require the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food to cultivate and produce medicinal cannabis for “academic or medical research purposes.”

    Potentially creating a state-sanctioned monopoly, where high prices and low quality would supplant competition and variety, HB 197 would allow Utah’s agriculture bureaucracy to contract with third-party affiliates to fulfill their obligation to cultivate the state’s supply of medicinal cannabis.

    No friend of true medical marijuana, Rep. Daw took to Twitter on Jan. 21 to demonize Utah’s current medical marijuana ballot initiative.

    [​IMG]Brad Daw@braddaw

    A lot of good information in here. #utpol #utleg And yes if the indicative passes it will allow full recreational... https://fb.me/EqPlcz6E

    4:05 PM - Jan 21, 2018
    Understanding the medical cannabis debate
    Christine Stenquist is a face of a movement to legalize cannabis for medical use in Utah, an effort that has ignited prolonged and fervent debates among lawmakers, and laid the groundwork for a...

    After falsely claiming that “if” the Utah Patient Coalition’s initiative were to pass on Nov. 6, it would allow recreational marijuana use (which it won’t), Daw’s proposed bills have been met with disdain by two of the state’s reform-minded groups.

    Considered a smokescreen that’s meant to undermine Utah’s medical marijuana ballot initiative, the Utah Patients Coalitionand Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education (TRUCE) offered their response to Daw’s legislation.

    Christine Stenquist, the executive director of TRUCE, informed Deseret News that “the bills in their current form do not act in the best interests of the patients, businesses or individuals who have stepped up and voiced their concerns.” Stenquist noted, “none of these bills address the need for broader access to medicinal cannabis.”

    Full Story Here: https://www.marijuana.com/news/2018...-embraces-smokescreen-medical-marijuana-bill/
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