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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by sevkex, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. sevkex

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    i was wondering if using just UV lights will work because thats all i have right now :/
  2. GTC21

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    No, definately not. UV lights are the ones used on sunbeds. I heard somewhere that UV light is actually damaging to plants.

    Only lights worth using-

    Metal halide
  3. dylan

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    UV lights cannot be used alone, but cannabis produces tricombs, in part, to protect the delicate flowers from UV rays, so it can be used during the flowering prossess, in small intervals, to boost resin production.
  4. newgroweroldsmoker

    newgroweroldsmoker Registered+

    i agree with dylan.....UV lights like MV (mercury vapor) lights are very very extremely rich in the red spectrum, they are propably only red spectrum and they boost thc production as they are harmful....i am getting two of those MV lights(125 watts each) used for aquariums as well to use them for a couple of hrs every day in conjuction to my 400 grolux hps lamp.....in this way i hope to maximize the size of my buds!
  5. lordsoth666

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    Run that MV all day!!! I have used the MV for flowering and it is a great supplemental light for all 12 hrs of light, and also the spectrum on MV is a monochromatic Blue ;) The UVB is what you want. http://www.hempfood.com/IHA/iha01201.html

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