Vacuum and fractional distillation

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Graywolf, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Graywolf

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    I just love it when a plan comes together! Here is my new rig for vacuum and fractional distillation undergoing shakedown boiling water this morning.

    I followed by removing the hexane from an hops oil extraction and then washing it in ethanol and vacuum distilling that off to leave an absolute.

    I also picked up an Alhin condensor and a soxhlet, for refluxing, isomerizing, and soxhlet extractions from hash.

    Tomorrow I will try it on a cannabis oil run. Hee, hee, hee, snicker, snark, snort...................


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  2. HavaTok

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    Vacuum evaporation is way safer than boiling solvents off, as well as resulting in a cleaner end product. This is the way we isolated alkaloids for cancer research experiments in the 80's. You are on to something good there!
  3. scflood

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    How'd it go

    I have a vacuum assisted fractional distillation setup as well. I would be forever indebted in you had any advice or even just to know how it turned out
  4. Graywolf

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    OK, I'll keep you in the loop. Please do the same with what you come up with.

    Presently still working on condensing afterwards and have projects ahead of it.
  5. HolySeed

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    Just bought a Kontes distillation apparatus for fractional distillation. I want to distill under vacuum, but can't figure out how to calculate temp difference that the vacuum pressure will change. Like 157* C to boil off THC, but under pressure using ethanol, changes the temp to....? Anyone?
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  6. Mal420xl

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    whered you find that?
  7. Marzfisch64

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    If you have this setup, you can buy a liter of D-Limonene (a highly non-polar solvent with a boiling point HIGHER than THC) grind your herb finely and add to your flask with Limonene and vacuum distill the THC and other cannabinoids! You can distill almost all the THC out of your herb, and have a highly potent hash oil in the collection flask.

    Don't quote me on this method though, because I'm still trying to get answers as to weather it will work or not myself! =P
  8. chris henderson

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    Hi ! can you use an after chiller to increase yield ? Can you recrystallize and wash to increase purity and would washing with the right solution would give the crystals a closer to pure white color. We used white butcher paper years ago for other things as it provided a white/white color marker as we dried our crystals on said same.

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