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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Charbud, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Charbud

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    After seeing Vanilla Kush as the cannabis cup winner 2009, i thought i have to grow this ! So thats what im doing.

    Vanilla Kush:
    Type : Mostly indica
    THC: 22%
    Characteristics : Fragrant and potent

    "Vanilla Kush is an incredible new Indica-dominant strain and is one of the most fragrant, full-flavoured and potent plants that Barneys Farm have ever offered. Vanilla Kush genetics come from Kashmir and Afghan. The intense aromas from large, dense colas –heavily speckled with red and gold trichromes – bring to mind wild vanilla and lavender, accented with lemon and orange peel. Once lit, the floral and herbal aromas become more concentrated and the smoke offers sweet flavours. Vanilla Kush grows to about 55- 60cm in height indoors and takes her cannabis seeds 60-65 days to flower. Outdoor harvest time is the end of September. Her THC is strong of 22%. The strong, long lasting high allows the mind to relax and eases muscle tension."


    The seed is feminised from barneys seeds; which people give mixed reviews. I will also be growing this plant with an LST technique, pictured below. Im doing this technique because im using CFL's which have really bad penereation, this technique will help me get an even light coverage over the whole plant.


    I will be using the same setup as my last grow apart from soil and pot. If you didnt see my last grow have a look here :

    For Veg i will be using a 300 watt Blue spec Cfl and a 250 watt cfl red spec for flowering.

    The seed wont be germinated for a couple of days as im still preparing my grow area.

    Watch it go from seed to bud !



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  2. Joel

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    Tuned in.
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  3. redtails

    redtails Registered+

    I'm subscribed, gotta love the LST threads...
  4. Charbud

    Charbud Registered+

    ready to go

    Finally finished setting up.

    Seed went into germination minutes ago. Using the paper towl on a plate technique, should be sprotuing in 2 days, so will check back then.


    Charbud :stoned:
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  5. Charbud

    Charbud Registered+

    Planted today, leaves should be showing in 2 days :)



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  6. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    Com on brotha, i thought i id see buds by today my man:D Looking forward to this one:Rasta:
  7. Charbud

    Charbud Registered+

    First set of leaves came through today.


    Looking for a name for my new girl, any ideas ?

  8. redtails

    redtails Registered+

    How bout Char-lene?
  9. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    Perfect name Charbud, i like it:Rasta:
  10. Charbud

    Charbud Registered+

    I do like it although would prefer a name without char in it !!

    Has been a while, i am sorry, but been very busy. shes got a lot bigger and is looking like shes going to be very bushy !


    piece :Rasta:
  11. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    Looks nice char, some fat leaves for sure. Prolly going to be a big bush like you said:thumbsup:

  12. Joel

    Joel Registered+

    She looks awesome char! Vanilla thrilla ftw.
  13. crf70rider

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  14. Charbud

    Charbud Registered+

    Sorry guys i am very busy and its been showing on my girl, shes got all brown spots and growth is really slowing down, i think its because i didnt bake my soil before i used it so there are loads of bugs in the soil munching on the leaves when im not around. This will have to stop ! so she will be relocated to a different location inwhich no bugs or any other pesky animals can get to her ! or if you guys have some suggestions to get rid of the brown spots and the pesky pests as the same time she will stay put.

    Nitrogen injection tomorrow due to poor growth so hopefully the future will be bright for her !

    Still undecided on a name, Vanilla Thrilla did make me laugh a lot Joel, so thats no1 at the moment.

    Heres the damage

    As you can see, not much bigger than before,

    Hopefully saveable

    hope u guys been getting high as kites

  15. Charbud

    Charbud Registered+

    By the way you do need to open those images to really see the damage
  16. Joel

    Joel Registered+

    Yo charbud. Ive only experienced bugs once and that was on my first grow of the year, I used a simple water + soap solution and sprayed the area, and my plant, but not the soil. If this fails, then I dont know much else because I dont have much experience dealing with those little pests.

    Tough situation, do you know what kind of bugs they are? Hopefully we can save her!
  17. Charbud

    Charbud Registered+

    Fresh growth doesnt seem to be getting the spots but am going to spray a little aswell. also tranplanted her today, very nice roots. so atleast something is going well..
  18. Dayzt1

    Dayzt1 Registered+

    Great to see a VK started! I hope you're able to get the bug issue under control - the transplant will help I hope! =)

    I've got 4 VK about 1 week in at the moment. They too look to become little bushes! I'm going to stick around here and see how things go - maybe I can get some insight into what to expect with this strain as the girl gets bigger and bigger!

    Name suggestion: VicKie (VK for Vanilla Kush...) :jointsmile:
  19. Charbud

    Charbud Registered+

    haha nice suggestion dayzt. Ye, it will be nice to compare whats happening with each others plants. The bug issue is under control now and fresh growth is coming through nice n' green ! also started the LST. Nitrogen fix also gave her a little growth boost, Will upload a pic soon for you all.

  20. Dayzt1

    Dayzt1 Registered+

    Barney's Vanilla Kush (fem) - 2 weeks from seedling

    Here's a pic update of my up-coming round of VK. A few more weeks and I plan to take up to 8 clones from these - 2 of each. The back right plant is a Barney's Crimea-Blue which barely survived and is now bouncing back with 3 tops...should be a nice plant to get cuttings from as well...

    Enjoy! :S5:

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