vap vs bong

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by rgbud, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. rgbud

    rgbud Registered+

    is vap so good that it can be a bong...i doubt it.... how can u vap weed n then smoke it after?
  2. Samwhore

    Samwhore Registered+

    what are you talking about?

    i think I know,

    vapes are better
  3. partcleguy

    partcleguy Registered+

    Vapes are better in that the high lasts longer with less weed, its healthier, and you can use the vaped weed to cook with (or make green dragon with, which I did recently). I think you're asking if you can take bong rips of vaped weed which you can but it won't do much. It takes a lot more vaped weed than fresh to do anything with.
  4. rgbud

    rgbud Registered+

    nah im just sayin is a vamp so good it can beat a bong
  5. xmordeciax

    xmordeciax Registered+

    depends on the vape, but generally vapes will fuck u up a whole lot more than a bong will
  6. JustinSKS

    JustinSKS Registered+

    I've never vaped before, so I'm obviously 100% partial. I defiantely love a good bong hit. Haven't had one in months. Can't wait till my order gets here so I can hit it everyday.
  7. Hardcore Newbie

    Hardcore Newbie Registered+

    I got a dominizor vaporizer today, wow..... I hit it 10 times (it takes 3 or so for it to get properly heated) and I thought it wasn't working. The high just slowly creeps up on you for 5 minutes... and then you realize that you're high.

    I can't believe it man, great great feeling.
  8. invision

    invision Registered+

    i have a vape and it can and will mess you up more than a bong, but there is something in the actual smoking part that gives a diffrent high, vapes give you that im a retard in the head feeling while smoking hits the body.

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