Vape pen through an ice/water bong

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Plumber07, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Plumber07

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    Works well. Smooth cool LARGE hits. Feeling little pain. Chem Valley Kush, Brass Monkey wax.

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  2. Weezard

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    Looks cool! In many ways.
    But, when I think about it, that coolness may be problematic.

    We vaporize resin for purity.
    And that gives us everything that boils at, or below a set temperature, yah.
    As soon as that vapor cools below that temperature, it condenses.
    That happens rapidly in a water pipe .
    And much of the condensate, that we paid for, gets left in the water to oxidize over time.
    For maximum THC delivery, it would seem that keeping the vapor vaporized until it is inhaled would be less wasteful.

    Experiments have shown that the most effective delivery, (prior to vape pens), is a thin joint.
    In practice this seems correct.
    Hot air, drawn through the joint vaporizes resin for inhalation.

    A good pipe is a close second, and I'm a lazy boi.
    So I have a large collection of pipes.
    (I'd rather buy a new pipe, than clean a dirty one.) :)

    Just my thoughts on it, I have not actually experimented with vape pens. through water pipes
    But I gave up on hookahs and bongs when I scraped fresh goop from the chambers and found it to be quite potent.
    But after only 3 or 4 days, it loses most of it's punch.

    And once I learned how to dry, and cure my crop properly, I had no need to "cool the smoke".
    You do not have to "cough to get off" yah? :D

    Jus' 2 shiny pennies, I could be wrong.
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  3. Plumber07

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    I wouldn't doubt it but I just took four big hits and I am ripped. I buy some top shelf flower, beautifully trimmed and they all make me cough so any cooler I can make the smoke the better.

    For the most part I only put about a match head sized hit and I use a screen in the one hit bowls.

    Yeah, that "goop" really works in a pinch. From pipes too. I use to save it, just in case, but these days I have at least a dozen dispensaries in the area.
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  4. Weezard

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    We still have no dispensaries on the big island.
    For some of us that's a good thing.
    Add up all those little purchases over a year, yah?:eek:
    My fixed income makes for broken finances. :)
    Now, I'm reading about pesticide/fungicide residue in dispensary buds.
    Feh! Mo'betta to grow my own.:cool:

    A rewarding hobby, yielding clean, inexpensive, meds, with a no-cough cure?
    What's not to like? :D

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