Vaping Green Dragon?

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by grumio, May 1, 2008.

  1. grumio

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    I recently started making Green Dragon using the great Master Wu's techniques & have been hugely impressed with it. The extraction appears to be so efficient that it almost seems silly to do anything else with my mj. Just one problem:

    I love me a nice vape.

    It occurred to me that GD is just hash oil before all the alc & water has evaporated, so that if I was to douse some herb like peppermint or damiana with GD & let it dry, I would wind up with - hash oil-infused herb, right?

    So I tried it - & yes it sure as heck works (actually... how could it not work?) in terms of effect - it's pretty heavy that way - but I miss those terpenes!!! That flavor!!!

    Should I just go straight to hash oil if I want to vape? I use a heat gun & a bong to vape. Any ideas on the best way to vape concentrate? Is the herb method actually pretty effective (except for the flavor/rush sensation)?

    vaping cardamom & kief? Eff it. I'm gonna try it right now.

  2. grumio

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    about a sixteenth of a teaspoon of freshly ground cardamom & the same amount of kief vaped in a dry bong - very interesting. Incredible flavor. Is it safe? I have no idea. btw this really was a flavor only experiment - as far as I know cardamom does NOT get you high.
  3. Coelho

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    The only problem with vaping green dragon is that you would need to evaporate all the alcohol before the THC evaporate... and if you were doing it with a bong, it would be filled with vapours of alcohol, which are flammable... depending on the amount you were vaporizing, there would be the risk of turning your bong into a nice fireball... i know using a heat gun decreases noticeably this risk, but i still would prefer not to risk it. Its best to evaporate the alcohol first, thus making hash oil or this combination of hash oil and other herbs, and then vaporize the hash oil/herbs.

    And vaporizing hash oil is by far the most efficient way to using your weed. Burning weed is VERY wasteful. I only vape hash oil, and can smoke one entire week, daily (sometimes twice a day), with the amount of hash oil made with only 1g of weed... it means 2oz of weed/year. So its really an effective way to smoke.

    BTW be careful about mentioning the other things you smoke. We know its only for the flavor, but it could be misinterpreted as "other drug talk", what is not allowed...
  4. grumio

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    Coelho, hello! I have read so many of your posts & learned so much from you! Nice to meet you.

    Let me clarify a couple of things: I've made green dragon with ethanol several times (I just posted about that on the GD sticky), and I think it's a terrific way to use mj. But sometimes I want to vape.

    So I've put a ml of GD onto a quarter-teaspoon of fairly finely crumbled dried peppermint in a shot glass, let it dry, then vape it. I get 2-3 vape hits from 1/8th-teaspoon of the dosed mint; the effect is pretty strong, and rather different from either ingesting the same GD orally/sublingually or vaping bud. What I miss is the flavor of bud - the terpenes. That is why I just tried a little cardamom con kief.

    (I've never heard of any psychoactive compounds in mint or cardamom so I don't think I'm talking about "other drugs.")

    I suppose I shall just have to try vaping hash oil. What's the best way to do that? Put a little on a bare metal screen? I guess I'll find out. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated, though.

    I've been reading a lot about all of this for a while now, & you are one of a handful of people out there who I really trust & admire. Thanks.
  5. Coelho

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    Hello Grumio, nice to meet you too! :thumbsup:
    Thank you for your kind words... Im glad my posts has been useful for you... and that (hopefully) theyre helping you get higher and higher... :stoned:
    Well... i dont know any way to get the buds taste with green dragon... as alcohol is one of the solvents which solve most things in the weed (like chlorophill)... most solvents used to make hash oil (like acetone or butane) solve less things than it, and its the reason because theyre used instead alcohol, because the final product (hash oil) is purer. So, if even alcohol doesnt extract the terpenes, i dont know what would do it.
    A thing you could try it to grind some weed and use it instead the cardamom... so you would get the weeds taste and the hash oils high.
    Or you could also try new tastes... once i did this same thing you did, but used fennel seeds instead cardamom... and the taste was very pleasant... it was very different of weed, but very good also.
    I smoke (or rather vape) hash oil with an empty bottle and some tinfoil... look at:

    I think a bong could be used instead the bottle... but as i havent one (in fact i never even touched one), i use bottles, which works as well.
    And the hash oils high is indeed diferent. Its stronger than weeds, and for me feels "clearer"... even if it lasts shorter, i still think its far better.
    So, good luck, and tell us if you suceed, and if you discover some new way to add flavors to the hash oil... :thumbsup:
  6. CoronaWithLime

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    Grumio - You seem like me on these boards! I've been ghosting for over a year and just started posting.

    Did you read my post on the GD sticky? I read yours and am very impressed with your precission.

    I actually took about a gram of keif and an ounce of GD (equivilant to about 3.0 grams of bud) and boiled it down in a pyrex until the alcohol was gone. It left me with a very sticky yet still graiy residue (about 1.5 grams total) which could be pressed into a pliable mass. Without introducing the GD this keif can be pressed into a very hard mass so it definately softened it! Essentially hash oil mixed with keif. It's worked out great for me and I have vaped it a few times. My vaporizer is basically just a glorified screw hooked up to electricity with a pickel jar over it (i bought it at a head shop but one of Shortie's kitties knocked over the original jar and broke it).

    Cheers! Lets keep up - I think we could teach eachother a lot!
  7. grumio

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    Hey Corona - back at ya & thanks for the compliment! Absolutely let's all share our knowledge! We're like 18th century scientists - a bunch of amateurs (well, most of us) going, "hey, what'll happen if I try this..." For me, it's sort of an extension of my cooking, which I sometimes get fairly nuts with. I love experimenting.

    Coelho: I have already tried soaking other herbs (mint & damiana) in GD & letting it evaporate - I know that it works. I was wondering what you (the hash oil guru) think of it as a method. Since one thing everyone agrees on seems to be that hash oil is sticky as hell & generally a bit of a pain to deal with (though worth it) - this method is quite convenient - no scraping & rolling up into balls at all!

    As for the residue that will be on the bottom of the glass (I've used a shot glass), just put a couple of squirts of GD in it to clean it, & pour it right back into the GD when finished - presto - very little loss. Or so it seems to me.

    Actually, you're in a great position for an experiment: next time you have some GD, could you try it (GD-infused non-mj herb), & then tell us how it compares with your usual method of vaping oil? We've only just met, & already - the things I'm asking you to do in the name of science...

    As for my "I wanna vape, too," well, I'm just doing the obvious - using most of my bud as GD (or some other concentrate - I do still like butter a lot & want to try coconut oil) & keeping some bud aside to vape. I'll continue tinkering with GD-vaping techniques & let everyone know if I light on anything particularly bitchin'.

    Also, my understanding is that ethanol is considered a somewhat inferior solvent for this because it dissolves things you're not after, not because it does an inferior job of dissolving cannabinoids. Is that more or less correct? I have a plant that should be ready to harvest in a month or so, & I plan to try some other solvents with that.

    I mention in my post on the GD sticky that I want to make a GD commercial. I'm totally serious. I've got it more or less storyboarded in my head; I'm an actor in LA & have friends in various areas of the biz, so should be able to do a nice semi-pro job for quite cheap & post it on youtube - just for a lark... Wanna hear the pitch?
  8. CoronaWithLime

    CoronaWithLime Registered

    Lets hear it. I'm no actor but I created interactive video content for a while so i'm always up for a story board.
  9. grumio

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    It's a '50's housewife commercial. I haven't written the dialogue yet - this is just approximate:

    Housewife #1, looking puzzled & gosh-darn-it a little frustrated

    VO: Today's busy housewife knows how hard it is to keep a growing family happy & still stay within the bud budget!

    12 year old son looks in his lunch box before heading off to school:

    Son: Aw, Ma! Schwag again???

    HW1 looks frustrated

    Close up of Grandfather, toking a J & looking at it distastefully.

    VO: Today's canny housewife knows how to stretch her dope dollar with new improved Green Dragon!

    possibly some visual play on "canny/cannabis"

    Housewife #2 shows HW1 a green 2 oz dropper bottle. HW1 looks at it, mystified but intrigued.

    The family, sitting around the dinner table, each with a small vial on a saucer in front of them. The family members are looking at the vials, puzzled. HW1 looking to HW2, a little worried: "Is this going to work?" HW2 giving back a reassuring look - "Relax - they're going to love it!"

    Quick montage of family members doing "We love our Green Dragon!" things - maybe the kids showing it off at school (oh THAT would go over big), Grandad holding a vial & giving a thumbs up, etc.

    Some more VO blah blah pitching GD over HW1 thanking HW2.

    That's about it.

    Could be a hoot.
  10. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    ^^ ROFLOLOLOL!!!!! :S2:

    Man... you MUST film it!!! It would be amazing to watch... it also would resemble Reefer Madness, which has that 30s "style"... what is very fun too.
    If you post it in the youtube, please tell us!

    Now to your more "serious" questions...

    Well... when i did it, i took a reasonable amount of hash oil (about 2x the amount i usually smoke), dissolved in a bit of alcohol, soaked some fennel seeds in it until it dry, and vaped the seeds.
    I got high, but not so high as if i had smoked the pure hash oil... probably i didnt vaporized all that could be vaporized, cause with other herbs the amount of smoke produced is greater...
    For me it was nice as an experiment, but i wouldnt do it everyday, cause my amount of hash oil is extremely short, and so i must use it the best way i can, without any waste.

    Its exactly this... if you want to try other solvents, the best ones are acetone and butane. Ive heard that petroleum ether is very good too, but i never tried it. Butane is very hard to handle (as it is gaseous), so the best choice is acetone. It gives a very pure hash oil, and leaves no residues in it.
    If you were to try other solvents than this, try to use the ones with the lowest boiling point, cause they leave less residues of it in the hash oil.
  11. MariaA

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    Vaping GD/Hash Oil

    I use my extreme vaporizer to make the room smell nice by putting a drop or two of essential oil on a cotton ball & putting it in the bowl.

    Now, what if I put some hash oil or GD on that cotton ball? I can turn on the fan to let the alcohol evaporate and then attach the whip and enjoy.

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