vaping tobacco--healthy??

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by ghettoBlunt, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. ghettoBlunt

    ghettoBlunt Registered+

    basically is vaporizing tobacco healthy (like camel tobacco)...cause i love spliffs and i was just wondering if this is healthy or if im inhaling vaporized chemcials straight from the factory...thanks
  2. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

    sToNeDpEnGuIn420 Registered+

    hmmm just sounds nasty fthat. :D
  3. ghettoBlunt

    ghettoBlunt Registered+

    yeah but i still dont mind a little nicotine, and im just wondering if its healthier than regular smoking or not....
  4. mrdevious

    mrdevious Registered+

    Many vaporizers are advertised as a healther way to injest tobacco. And undoubtedly it would be because you're not combusting the material, which creates a huge amounts of the carcinogens. But there's still many other harmfull (and cancer causing) chemicals in tobacco that you're going to get regardless, like Formaldihyde (which can cause nervous-system failure), Cyanide, and non-combustion carcinogens. Cyanide, btw, is found in in weed smoke as well but at considerably smaller quantities.
  5. ghettoBlunt

    ghettoBlunt Registered+

    yes, like if it was natural tobacco, it wouldnt have that haggard chemical mixture like store bought butts right?
  6. Delta9 UK

    Delta9 UK Registered+

    Quit the tobacco man, I have a volcano and it helped me quit spliffs and therefore tobacco :)

    If you do it though buy some proper tobacco thats as untreated as possible :)
  7. mfqr

    mfqr Registered+

    Vaporizing is still bad for you, because nicotine is bad for you.
  8. Whos Carl

    Whos Carl Registered+

    Vaporising in itself is not bad for you vaporizing tobacco is. Just to clarify that.
  9. ghettoBlunt

    ghettoBlunt Registered+

    i thought nicotine was fine just addicting, its the other chemicals that are haggard...
    and yes if it wasnt for like twenty million spliffs i've rolled i wouldnt even consider just wondering for once in awhile cause i like the buzz, then i see commercials and it makes me wonder how shitty it makes my body...i would imagine natural, untreated, hand-rolling tobacco would be chill, but i dunno, thats why im seeking advice of professional stoners
  10. darkside

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