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    Has anyone tried this??

    Thinking of using the 151 or Everclear with thc..maybe a few drops in a homemade mix using Propylene glycol or GLYCERINE VEGETABLE as the water base or diluent, maybe a flavoring additive from

    My hope is adding the VG or PG along with a flavoring, same as any DIY e cig smoker would, except weed instead of tobacco liquid would be the bomb!?!

    Once the liquid is made, say in a 10ml bottle that should last a while since a 510 cartridge takes 3-4 drops which is equal to approx 10 regular cigs and there are about 20 drops per ml.
    is an excel calculator people use to make flavorings for e cigs

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    Tried it & 100% successful. It even covers the smell!! <-- from what I can tell

    Mixed honey & pure grain alcohol with Everclear that has soaked in thc for a year or two. Put a few drops into the cartridge and it vapes smooth!

    Depending on the thc delivery this could replace the need to roll joints or bring a bong to medicate. Just put a few drops into a small cartridge or bring a few. For the e smokes a cartridge equals about 10 regular cigs with roughly 4 drops of nicotine liquid.
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    ^ :greenthumb: that was my first thought, too, the first time I saw on e-cig. thanks for doing the R&D for all of us. :smokin: now, who will market the first e-jay ???? :stoned:
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    Will test it more within the next few days. Strength is another story since the Everclear was made with clippings which were close to pure white with thc and been in the freezer for over a year.

    The thc, grain alcohol & honey mix has been sitting for years also, its old school Cali when places used to sell it.

    Will have to get the constancy close to what a pre mixed nicotine mix would be so the atomizer does not get damaged or clogged.

    Cool thing about a portable vap is it can be used almost anywhere, even places where smoking is prohibited. Using an e cig is the same basic electronics as turning on a flashlight. Only difference is nicotine or mj is inhaled. Exhaling is water vapor and any mj smell can probably be covered by an added flavor?!

    This could be the new portable smoker. Intro 510 kits are under 50.00, mixing liquid and supplies are super cheap. Nicotine if people choose to use it is also cheap. Figured mixing myself would bring a carton of cigs close to 3-5.00, close to 1970's level cig pricing. Adding mj is a major bonus!
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    Do you have to use everclear?
    I don't touch alcohol, that's why I ask.

    Thanks for the excel info!
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    The above calculator is simpler. Dont think someone would have to use alcohol. From what I can tell the nicotine people buy as a base to create flavors is diluted slightly with either

    * Propylene Glycol USP


    * Our Vegetable Glycerin is USP/Kosher

    E-Liquid - One Stop DIY Shop Store

    Link to the right is the pure nicotine & 48mg would be the base mg in the excel sheet. Link on the left if the PG & VG either can be used as a base to add thc.

    People say PG gives a better throat hit & VG produces more smoke. Many people go with a 50/50 base instead of 100% of either. Put the thc into a 50/50 base and it should be fine and eliminate the alcohol base. From there use the sheet if you are adding flavoring.

    Change the amount to be made 6ml & flavoring to 20% which gives:

    3ml of pg,vg or both as a mix with mj (as nicotine)
    1.8ml of either pg, vg or a 50/50 mix
    1.2ml of flavoring

    Approx 20 drops in 1ml & each 510 cartridge takes approx 4 drops & maybe 1 on the atomizer.

    Let me know how yours turns out!
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    :D always! :smokin:

    you make a good point, if people can smoke e-cigs anywhere then shouldn't people be able to smoke an e-doob anywhere in Cali, too??? assuming Prop 19 passes, that is. I think Prop 19 says it will not nullify any current laws about smoking herb in public but what about vaporizing??? :)
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    Alcohol vapor has been said to cause Emphysema... I'm not taking a chance on that. Discuss all the methods and effects at Buddhafest, featuring the Jack Herer Awards show.


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    Thank you MedMike, I was not aware of that. I've never personally ever used alcohol to extract weed or anything.

    I wonder if that Vapor Rush :smokin: from SmokeNRun's link uses extracted liquid or if its more like a regular vap and just uses ground up bud. If thats the case, I'm ordering one. :thumbsup:
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    ^ okay, I had to look, :smokin: $99 bucks for e-vap and $20 for "100 hits" of "THC Activated/Infused" cartridges. hmmm. interesting. wonder if you could re-infuse a cartridge with your own bud? :stoned:

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    I believe you could you would just have to turn your bud into hash oil.
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    I was thinking that IF it were legal here i might SLOWLY and CAREFULLY cook some of the alcohol off of the liquid resulting from the marijuana/alcohol soak to make a sort of a THC syrup then after removing from the LOW heat adding the PG/VG+nicotine and flavor if you want. I have NOT tried this; however, the cooking off of the alcohol was brought to my attention on another board. In that article the alcohol was completely cooked off for a different purpose (concentrated THC for smoking). Seems to me it would also be a good way to do something like dried mint leaves and good smoke mixed together before the soak... Minty freshness and a lovely high. I had wondered what other substances might perhaps do well with this treatment... Viagra? ;) :D
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    I've been wanting to try this too but all my friends are worried about making oil using Everclear

    Does anyone know of any other way to make THC oil without using Everclear

    I was wondering if this might work
    I use brass pipes
    When they get caked I use an old coffee peculator and steam them to loosen the residue.
    The wa-ter of 'co-urse is now black and hashey
    Could I mix that wa-ter with some VG and use it with me e-cigs?

    On edit

    Why are some of my words turning into links?
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