Vaping vs. Smoking: more from one than the other?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by PJSBuck, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. PJSBuck

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    I am new and using a Firefly 2 for concentrates. Have tried two different waxes in the Firefly (vape) and smoked another via glass pipe. The smoking seemed much more powerful than the waxes. Both waxes had much less smoke/vapor than the glass pipe. I like the idea of vaping but not sure what to think?

    My question: is smoking stronger vs. vaping or do I need to learn more about vaping?

  2. Pupp

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    I'd say learn more about vaping. From what I've read, even the high you get is somewhat different. At least slightly different from reports. I've never used a vaporizer myself. Someone here with experience will chime into this thread eventually.

    I hadn't personally looked into it in a while. Last time I did was when most vaporizers sold were plug-into-the-electrical-outlet models used mostly by medicinal users, and vapes actual flower and not cartridges of concentrate. :rastasmoker:
  3. EvilCartman

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    Yup. That's a common observation. Some folks prefer it... <shrug>

    That's just the way it is for some of us. No vaporizer will give the same satisfying result as full combustion. :(
    I've always found the results from a vape lacking. I like their discretion, and they serve a purpose, but it's missing something. (besides tar :D)
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  4. surfing1

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    I use a vape pen exclusively with pre filled cartridges, have not actually smoked anything going on 3 years. To me the vape pen cartridge high is way stronger and while it may take a little getting used to, the end result is going to be the same. When I was smoking and not vaping I tried a couple of different vaporizers with flower and found it be kind of a pain in the ass, and not very effective, but maybe that was just me.

    I liked smoking but for my situation, the pen works better and is way more discreet, the biggest issue with the vape cartridges Ive found is you can get burnt out on them very quick if you dont have different strains around to switch off to.JMO
  5. Pupp

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    Evilcartman was comparing smoked bud to vaped bud, not vapes designed for concentrates. :thumbsupold:
  6. EvilCartman

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    Incorrect. ;)
  7. Pupp

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    Ahh, my bad.
  8. AladdinSane

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    I use a vape pen - usually King Pen cartridge - at night, at home, not going to go anywhere except from couch to fridge, and it's an Indica. It's easier and cleaner for my use.

    If I want to partake during the day, it's Sativa in a J.

    The vape pens will hit hard, and most of the time last longer - good for bedtime.
  9. Robertwav1

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    Kinda new at the vape thingy. Bought a variable voltage pen (well worth it) been using it at night time a few hours before bed. I have to say I'm getting used to it but the pen is strong and have to hit it very lightly. I love the taste plus can use indoors. Probably three weeks now and I have to say I getting very used to the oil. I've tried sativa dominant (sour diesel) and indica dominant (bubble gum) and finding both are a bit different but a bit alike as well. I'm new at this so it's a lot of fun trying different oils but again only two. Now what to do with the left over weed?
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  10. Plumber07

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    Use it to make gel caps in coconut oil!
  11. Robertwav1

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    Gonna research that, thanks!
  12. Plumber07

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