vapor genie and lighter gas inhalation?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by cheeto, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. cheeto

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    at first i was gona put this on health, but its not med marijuana related, i do it for recreation.

    so... the question::D

    im sure most people know about the vapor genie, and the vapor star-

    when you use it you inhale a lot of gas from the lighter-is this a bad thing? and if so, how bad in comparison to smoking the pot smoke, and not smoking at all (you inhale smoke when you light incense and stuff, and just breathing nower days.)
  2. Breukelen advocaat

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    I have a vapor genie, and I would think that less gas is inhaled than with a conventional pipe because, with the genie, the heat goes through the ceramic filter before it hits the weed. Interesting question, though. I do tend to use the lighter more with the genie than with other pipes. Doing a google-search, other than badly-made or defective throw-away lighters, I couldn't find any information about health problems from lighters at all.

    Insense is not very healthy to breathe, so I don't use it.

    Your question(s) probably would be appropriate for the "medical" forum.
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  3. cheeto

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    i think you've done a pretty good job at the question, im content.
  4. twoguysupnorth

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    there is a butane that is additive free and you can find it at your local pipestore. additives are added to butane to let you smell it when it is leaking.
  5. oliwog

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    i dont mean to sate the obvious but how do you think you get the flame from the lighter???........... burnin the gas that comes from the lighter
    so the answer to your question is that you generally wont have any gas to be inhaled as it is all being burned away and used as fuel to produce the flame that heats ya vapour
    bit of chemistry for ya
  6. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    you are burning the gas but there is still the biproduct that gas leaves. it leaves a bad taste and can "dirty" your high. just like someone said above, there are butane lighters that burn clean. a friend bought one and you can taste the difference between that and like a bic or something
  7. cheeto

    cheeto Registered+

    lol, i should have been more clear, thanks oliwog, i meant the remains of "burnt" gas, like how much CO you get, im only first year biology/biochem, so i will learn this all eventually... give me time *manic laughter*

  8. cheeto

    cheeto Registered+

    keeko... come on, tell me the name of the lighter and where i can get them!

    lol :p
  9. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    hahaha im not sure the exact lighter but go to a cigar or head shop and ask for a clean burning will be a torch lighter. a lot of cigar conisouers(sp) buy them so they dont ruin their cigars by the bad lighter taste.
  10. cheeto

    cheeto Registered+

    ah... cool, thanks for that one... i will buy soon!
  11. Jabbah1515

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    I just got a vapor genie and the butane scares me as well. When i use a glass pipe i know its done when it tastes like ash, when i use the vapor genie i know its done when it tastes like butane. I have to imagine thats not good for u...

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