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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by DMTGnome, Dec 10, 2008.

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    I know there is no way to be accurately answer this but about what is the ratio of pot to vaporized pot for cooking?Does 1 stick of butter for 1/4 vape poo sound OK? Could one technically eat the cannibutter without putting it in anything and have success?Is there any reason why you would NOT want to strain the cannibutter? the And lastly, where can I get a cheese cloth? Sorry about the random questions, Im new here:D
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    I wouldn't mind knowing this as well. I've always just thrown my duff in with fresh green when cooking, a little extra oomph if you will.
  3. DMTGnome

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    I have seen a few good posts on this subject but I cant find them now. If someone can find any, can you post the links up here? when cooking, you would treat vapor poo the same as buds right?
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    I def would strain and prolly strain some more to get some burnt vape poo out of butter id eat or someone else might eat.
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    The vape poo has less THC than normal bud, but i dont know how much less, so i dont know how much more of vape poo you should use... look at the cannabuter recipe (its sticky in some sub-forum... the recipes one i think...) , see the amount of bud required and put, for a first try, twice of this amount of vape poo... if your cannabutter get too strong, use less, and if it gets too weak, use more.

    Yes... the reason we put the cannabutter in some recipe is because eating it itself is not very pleasant... but if you can do it, enjoy... :D

    I think not... straining it helps to get the most of it, diminishing any wastes.

    And welcome to the forums! :thumbsup:
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    It depends on our strain....what weed did you vape?

    I usually use about double what I would of the same strain of bud.

    If I used 1/4 oz weed per 2 sticks butter .....I would probably use 1/2 oz of vape poo from the same strain as the bud

    And straining is a must:thumbsup:
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    By and large it's just generic good bud. I wish I could hold onto duff that long, but my resources haven't been what they should be. I always find myself revaping the duff when I run out. Counter productive to say the least
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    so there is a use for that stuff afterall....
    cannabutter tastes great on toast!

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