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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by rastagurlx90, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. rastagurlx90

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    Heyy! :) i am buying a vaporizer that has a possibillity to vape all those three things herb, oil and wax. I heard that Davinci has that possibillity but i am looking for somthing cheeper...

    Happy for your answers :)
  2. rastagurlx90

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    I want something that has all the three stuff in one..I don't want to spend money on 2 vaporizers o.o :D
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    It seems you don't only want a vaporizer, you also want it to be electric and even in a portable format while it should prove equally affordable. Right?...

    Why not push the envelope and expect this wonder to come in e-Cig size too! ;)

    So you're actually looking for triple-function on a tight budget, electric, portable and yet there can be only NO 2nd guesses!!


    Hummm... That's some quest IMO! :rolleyes: Sounds familiar enough somehow.


    Relatively to being electric my 1st advice would be to think of future water toy options, then maybe ask about "protected" batteries if that helps at all. Or vice-versa... Another straightforward tip would be to point out it's no bad idea keeping a "Plan-B" handy, just in case.

    Good luck anyway, years ago i made some modest bet (at 310+ $ CAD...) and yet this amount of money spending finally inflated 4-fold simply to obtain a solution of my own, not to mention the other resources - since the market isn't inclusive with everyone's requirements, not mine in any case. Too bad electricity and water don't like each other for starters, that's too much of a manufacturer challenge i suppose; it's one level of accomplishment to generate nice cannabic clouds within the limits which you defined here, it may be quite another to also deliver those noble molecules directly to the lungs in some more appropriate manner.

    Enjoy the ride!

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  4. rastagurlx90

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    well i actually found it :D and thank you for your reply...
    it's called focusvape. It's just for herb but you can buy a cartrige for oils and waxes :D the best part is changing battery, bought it here:
  5. Egzoset

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    Salutations RastaGurlX90,

    In that case you're most welcome to post an evaluation, with focus on pre-heat time, baking, taste and extraction for example. On the matter of battery changing in such a high-current application i suppose this calls for high-quality contacts, lets hope it's up to the task. Though here's one major aspect i noticed which never hurts (unless there's abuse):

    A water accessory scenario... Eventually you'll find out if you can avoid it - and/or how long (...), enjoy the ride!


    Good day, have fun!! :D
  6. rastagurlx90

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    I have ordered it and i got it. It's pretty amazing actually... I bouhgt a water bubler also and it costs like 20$.. this magic flight orbiter is 80$ :s .. its like a bong you put it on mouthpiece. The whole vaping experience is awesome. Anyways.... when i have more time, i will write longer description...
    thanks for yout words and time :D
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