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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Combine, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Combine

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    I heard that people vaping for the first time will seem to not get as high or not stay high for very long compared to smoking regularly. Would it be worth getting a hotbox vape or mabye a Vapor Brothers instead of a nice bong for 200-300$
  2. Storm Crow

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    Get the Vape!

    Yes, there is a difference in the high. You are not getting carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other assorted products of combustion. Right before bed, I have a pipe, rather than a vape. Vaping lacks the dull part of the buzz.

    For those times when you need to be doing, vaping is better, IMHO.

    Then there are the health effects. Vaping has smoking beat, hands down! :thumbsup: Read up on it!

    Vaporization as a smokeless cannabis delivery system
    Clinical Studies and Case Reports

    Smokeless Cannabis Delivery Device Efficient And Less Toxic
    Smokeless Cannabis Delivery Device Efficient And Less Toxic

    Volcano is to Vaporizer As Porsche is to Automobile

    Recommendation to Patients: "Don’t smoke, Vaporize"

    Decreased respiratory symptoms in cannabis users who vaporize.
    Decreased respiratory symptoms in cannabis users who vaporize.

    Use of vaporizers reduces toxins from cannabis smoke

    Marijuana Water Pipe and Vaporizer Study
    Marijuana Water Pipe and Vaporizer Study

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  3. KJizzle43

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    In my experience the high is definitely not less but it is a cleaner feeling high.

    Believe can get heavily medicated from your vaporizer whether is sativa or indica and you will have much less of a cough.

    That said...I've been smoking for years and snapping bong loads of great tasting weed is something that I love to do. I just supplement it with bags of vapor to give my lungs a break.
  4. Combine

    Combine Registered

    Alrighty thanks guys :thumbsup:
  5. vapefiend

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    Yeah, what you're missing with the 'vapor high' is just the effects of smoke by-products. I could tell the difference right away, and after a few days I didn't miss that difference at all. I was able to get a lot more effect from vapor since I couldn't tolerate much smoke anymore. Your lungs will thank you for switching to vapor. :)

    Some great links there Storm Crow. Thanks. :thumbsup:
  6. NibblerLA

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    Save your lungs!

    I still mix it up occasionally, esp. cus nothing beats a doobie for tasting the bud, vaping has a taste all it's own and you will learn to love it, at least i have..
    But it's hard to go back to smoking once fully introduced to the vaporizer and it's benefits..

    Whats missing from vap'd weed?
    most of the tar
    a host of carcinogens
    and many more bad things..

    Not the stuff you are really seeking out any way.. True, many noobies to the vap say they dont feel it as much.. But as mentioned, much of that feeling is the body reacting to poisons, there, i said it.. poisons!

    In fact, you can get super hammered vaping! IMO even more so than smoking if done correctly!

    Smoking can give me very bad sinus headaches, oddly enough, vaping cures them in seconds.

    Also, when i used the bong my right lung was starting to hurt a little when i laid down at night to sleep.. 2 years on the vaporizer and that's completely gone now

    A fairly decent vid to watch is here @

    Vaporizer 101 - AOL Video

    Be advised - he really over loads the whip imo, it takes very little to get a great hit depending on the size of the whip used. (but im poor, so i tend to conserve)
    I much prefer the smaller hand held "mini-whip" when using the vapor bros unit like in the vid.

    The bong can be a nasty, dirty, way to go, esp. compared to the vaporizer!
    Even the Dr. i got certified by suggested it, and one co-op i know of, gives them away as a raffle item once a week..

    BTW the vapor bros units have a vastly improved heating element now.. before, inside the glass rod that the whip mounted on was a ceramic tube shaped unit with a heating coil wrapped around it..
    Now there's a flat mineral composite unit that still fits inside the glass tube mounting rod where the heat is taken from, but it performs much much better than before.

    it gets hot and stays hot now..

    Been going for well over a year and not a problem, where as before i'd go thru units very fast, i had to have two before..a back up unit for during repairs.. But not any more!

    Go Vap you won't be sorry,
  7. BuddhaBOI

    BuddhaBOI Registered

    Your lungs will appreciate vaping so much. You'll start noticing the difference after a couple weeks if you go 100% vape.
  8. flakeyfoont

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    i've been wondering about something for a while now.THC is the active ingredient in MJ, and when you vape you're getting the THC and leaving the other things behind. is there a difference in the THC (aside from levels) that gives different strains their different highs?

    i would think that THC from one strain is the same for another, and it's the other (left behind) ingredients that give different strains their uniqueness. this would mean that all highs gotten from vaping are the same, aside from intensity.

    am i totally off base?
  9. NibblerLA

    NibblerLA Registered

    good question

    I thought about the time ive been using a vaporizer, its more like 4 years instead of 2 as mentioned before.. (gee time fies when your havin' fun!)

    In all that time ive never considered any lack of diversity where the strains are concerned. Yes, the buzz factor is still very dependent on potency, of course. But i cant say the feeling from use is any different than smoking, in that sense..

    Other than the always cleaner high. And never a head ache or hang over

    Some plants will be more pleasing than others, same as smoking.. imo

    I'd love to hear from someone who actually knows about this and can properly (scientifically) answer your question.

    i have a fair amount of vapped weed leavings.. u can get a slight buzz if its smoked, but it's nasty to do so!

    Is it possible to make oil from it i wonder?

    Edibles don't seem to do it for me (as suggested in that AOL video) ..

    And i hate to waste!

  10. schighguy

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    a vaporized feeling is much mure clean as others have put it. You dont receive the couch lock and its all in your head. It really is alot better if you are trying to be productive during the day!

    i still switch it up, but vaporizing is heavenly
  11. Igotsoul4u

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    I do think its different, but its not nite and day. i believe it has to do with vaping skills. Most people inhale way to hard and don't draw a full hit. You end up taking 6 hits but it only equals half a bong hit. if you really hit a vape right and make sure your hits are proper you should get knocked on your ass pretty easily. A lot of people I have introduced to the vape say it gets them higher. i believe this is because they can take bigger hits without burning their throats as if they were smoking.
  12. vapefiend

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    No matter how you hit it you're not going to get the chemical compounds produced by smoke. And the predomimant effect of these on the body is a depressant effect, thus much less of the couch lock stupor with vapor. I find that the 'sleepy' effect is there, but not until later on when the high has worn off to an extent. The strain you use also comes into play.

    I can easily pull an 'all nighter' with vapor. A few hits every now and then and I can stay up all night. Smoke never gave me that option.
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  13. qwerty1234

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    I thought i might post, as I have used a vaporizer 99% of the time I use cannabis. I have smoked a few J's when i don't have access to a vape however, and for the record, i have never smoked out of a bong. I've been using my vape on a weekly basis for 9 months.

    For me, I can take 4 decent hits and get pretty damn high(last night i took 3 hits of some very strong bud and it really hit me, the highest i have felt in a long time). The highs have lasted at least 1-2hours each time. I haven't really felt the couch locked feeling people describe to me when they smoke. I actually have increased energy when playing sports games, i can focus energy in my body to my arm for example when throwing an NFL ball and as a result the ball is thrown farther then i would be able to throw normally, i also have stronger ambition to play better and will over exert myself. I would easily consider it sports enhancing.

    When i get home from a sports session with my mates however, i do enjoy just lying down and watching TV, however I'm sure anyone would enjoy that after any sporting activity.
  14. melodious fellow

    melodious fellow Registered+

    after I vape I just want to chill out or lay down.. if I vape in the morn, I can't work out all day, so I have to hit the gym before the vape. I might drop a weight bar on myself.


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