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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by 5016169, Sep 17, 2007.

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    What do you do with your leftovers from the vaporizer? I tried rolling one in a joint and it had a unbearable taste and couldn't even smoke the whole thing. I recently tried using about 1/4 an ounce in 1 large brownie and that also tasted like crap with 0 effects on me. It was extremely gritty and the brownie couldn't mask the poor flavor. So I'm thinking that there is no benefit to try and pull more out of the leftovers of a vaporizer. Any suggestions? Comments? Ideas? Otherwise I'm just going to start pitching it.

    By leftovers, I mean what's left after you've had 6-8 bags from 1 bowl .. shake the bowl out into a bag and save it.
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    Straight up smoking with a pipe or joint is exceedingly harsh, but I've found that bong hits are the shit for vape leftovers, as the smoke is reasonably cooled off by the time it gets to you. And trust me, you will get fried, even without the THC. Eating it doesn't do squat though, I don't think, and it's pretty nasty when it's dry in any case.
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    thanks for the tip, i'll try that next
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    I've been thinking about doing a chemical extraction with my leftovers to see if anything of value comes of it.

    I've tried cooking with it, but my GI tract doesn't seem well adjusted to absorbing THC, so that is out.

    I know that there is more left in this "duff" and I'm blowing 6-8 bags with a small amount of herb and grinding again once at the end for the final bag, which is usually pretty solid, hence my thinking that this stuff isn't completely used up.
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    aw i never thought of re-grinding! I'll try that tonight!
  6. LIP

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    GRITTY? Why?
  7. Markass

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    Simmer the weed in butter for about an hour, then strain the butter with something and you put that into your brownie recipe :thumbsup: as crispi would say...get high twice

    it has a really damn good buzz for something that's already been smoked once
  8. 5016169

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    yeah i just tried the re-grind and vape and it's a no go ... i had 8 bags from that bowl yesterday, #9 didn't do anything for me today. I'll try the butter idea, thanks!

    Gritty ... the brownies with the pot inside were gritty, at least the 1 large one that was loaded with vape leftovers.
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    Markass speaks the truth bro.
    Buy the cheap ass brownie mixes in an envlope and simmer the duff in butter for about 45 min to 1 hr. Substitute the butter for the oil in the instructions`. be sure to strain it well n squeeze the hell out of it to get every last drop of butter out before throwing the cooked duff out . We used about an oz. of duff to a pkg. of brownies . We made 2 batches while he was here . They do work . He was eating brownies on the NWA flight bk. to Oklahoma all tore up at 5 30 am. :D My buddy ate 3 brownies and was so high he was physicaly i'll from it they're so potent .
    Crispi :jointsmile:
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    a buddy and i spent a day making cookies and hash oil with our vaped weed and a 1/4oz of schwag.

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