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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Marsen, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Marsen

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    Im about to get a vaporizer because my friend got one and we realized this is a better way of smoking your delicious herbs and it would be a great investment.

    Now the problem.
    What one do i buy.

    I know im going to be getting the Box Style

    But do i get the Vaporbrothers?

    The Easy Vape

    The Vapor Cannon?

    Or one I do not know about?

    And I want the price range to be $120-$160ish.

    Also, the difference between "Hands Free" and not hands free?

    Does is mean that the non-hands free won't stay in place with your whip?
    Like you have to hold it there?

    Help me out here all you experts on the subject! :thumbsup:
  2. NextLineIsMine

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    I got a vapor brothers kind of vaporizer a couple weeks ago for about 140.

    All I can say is it may well not be what you think man. The only things id read about vaporizers that theyre healthy and save herb so I just got one by impulse.

    The high you get from a vaporizer is really different. Yes its clear headed, which can be a let down because I find it impossible to get blasted from one. You and your buddies cant exactly jump round it and start taking rips. It takes at least two mins to get a hit ready to start and I find you need more hits.

    Find one you can try out first if a friends got one, they arnt for everybody
  3. Marsen

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    yeah for sure, it's a different type of high.
    I like it, it actually makes me want to get stuff done.
    Like I enjoy cooking when I have smoked out of a vape.

    He has the Vapir one, the one that has the handle thing.

    it worked, but not my style.
  4. CaliGreens

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    it might be more clear, but can def get MANY people BLASTED if it is operated correctly. I have an extreme vaporizer and it is amazing. It blows up bags and also function as a whip style vape. Many other cool features like a remote control. But its def not a permanent substitute for smoking. Sometimes i just feel like smoking and sometime i feel like vaping. it really conserves your herbs too. As for box vapes in your range, i hear great things about the vapor cannon. check it out.
  5. cygnustaxt

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    i've used a couple vaporizers. My friend had the wooden box kind that had a heating element in which you place the tube on to and it vaporizes the weed. I think thats in the same style as the vapor brothers. Also tried one that was basically a glass bowl that sat on top of a column with a metal bowl on the inside for the weed and you just turned it on and the glass bowl would fill with vapors. Also i made a light bulb vape but it didn't work very well. I'm thinking of getting one from vapor brothers those seem to be really good.
  6. vapefiend

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    The Vaporcannon is the better buy. It's $120 from multiple dealers and with warehousegoodsonline on eBay you also get a 4 piece grinder, digital scale and 10 extra screens. The Vaporcannon has a 5 yr. warranty, and despite their lifetime warranty claim, the VB only has two years. After that you pay for repair, so it's no longer a warranty.

    Yes, hands free means the whip fits over the heater cover so you have one hand free. Some love hands free, some don't. For me it's no advantage since my vape is in a very user friendly location right beside my chair and I'm usually the only user. Hands free is better for group vaping where you just pass the mouthpiece end of the whip. It's a $20 price difference.

    If I were buying hands free I'd get the Da Buddha from 7th Floor (Silver Surfer maker). It's got hands free with a horizontal angle and a heavier, tougher housing.
  7. dewthedew

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    I have an EASY VAPE I love it!! keeps the smell down,its affordable,deasnt bowl size,automadic shut off,and it comes with a 5 year warennty only down side is the hose is kinda short other than that its great:stoned:
  8. RamblerGambler

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    Choosey stoners choose hands-free, since there's nothing better then posting up with the whip resting in your mouth and getting so blitzed you forget its there.

    As for which, go for the vaporcannon. You won't be disappointed
  9. anomaloustango

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    Kid's Play or Rocket Science? You Decide

    There is so much misunderstanding about vaporizers and what's good and what's not. I have been using a sears professional model heat gun for like a decade and the only vaporizer I would even consider switching to--or I should say using along with my heat gun is an Aromed or something just like it.

    So why doesn't everybody just buy a rebagded Steinel heat gun from Sears like I did? It's was half the price of a Steinel even though it is a Steinel except for the name. Steinel makes them in Switzerland and puts Sear's name on it.

    I don't even use one of those fancy vaporizer bowls. This is what I vaporize out of. A plan old twenty dollar Pyrex bong that I get five dollars taken off the price of because I don't need the slider. (I use to break a lot of them cause I kept them in the freezer--sometimes with too much water in them. I just use ice cubes now and don't freeze them anymore. Consequently I no longer purchase five bongs per year.)

    I take an appropriately sized bud or piece of bud--snipped off with microshears from the bud--real rocket science.

    I stuff it into the barrel of the bong

    I heat it up with a continuously variable heat gun using a temperature setting that I initially set up with a candy thermometer for a standard. The settings go from one to fifteen. I vap at four and a half or so, depending on the herb.

    Most people don't like this setup too much initially, but unless you are going to spend four hundred dollars your vaporizer will not work nearly as well.

    So there is a learning curve that should take a person with an average IQ about five minutes to learn and a month or so to perfect beyond what they would have thought possible.

    It is just these things that a noob thinks are a pain in the ass which, in the end, allow such a continuum of control on every level that it is not approachable by hotbox and bag style vaps--though if you wanted to--you could mimic the results that are derived from either method. (You can even use a Volcano valve and bags with your heat gun and it will work better than a Volcano—but you won’t want to do this--believe me. You won’t want to do this, you will want to take the same kind of killer hits that you are use to taking, and if you can just try not to be a pig and suck up too much vapor at a time, you will soon realize how to do this--no matter how nebulous it seems at first.

    I use water in the bong--not for heat, but to stop any dust from coming off the dried material and irritating my throat. Sometimes I use ice for a cool mountain-air kind of experience.

    Some things you should know so that you can vaporize easily. You will notice that I stuffed a certain size piece of herb in the bowl. Big enough to lodge in there, but not so big that you can't easily inhale though it without needing to suck hard. It's good to be able to have a lot of airflow over the herb if you want to.

    You could take a couple of pieces of bud and jamb them together if you don't have big enough pieces and they are sticky enough otherwise if you are working with dried out non sticky commercial swag you may have to use a screen on the bottom.

    Here is all you really need to know to be able to learn the rest for yourself. Only put the tip of the heat gun near the bowl after you have begun to inhale .
    That bares repeating so repeat it to yourself every time you blow your herb all over the room. If you can remember this one thing the rest will come to you and you will have a vaporizer that is basically unparalleled in its functionality.

    People in the know have been saying this all along about heat guns, but there is so much misinformation, mostly by salesman and losers who can't understand why it's better to be able to take any kind of hit you want. Just like you do now.
    BE SURE TO USE THE LOWER FAN SPEED. You will have enough trouble remembering to start inhaling before you put the gun to her the way it is. Don't worry if you are a bit inefficient at first. The only THC that will be lost is that which you blow out prematurely or that which you blow off-- because you are not maintaining negative pressure beneath the herb and sucking it downward. Remember you are always maintaining this negative pressure when the gun is near the herb, even if you have a bud stuffed in the barrel like me--that cannot be blown out. Your THC will smell really nice out in the room but it would be even better in your head.

    You can eat the remains. It will really make you high and no further processing is necessary. Just pop them in you mouth and chew em up.

    Another great thing about this method is:
    No grinding necessary. Especially is the herb is intact and very dry instead of crushed and somewhat moist from curing. For vaping it is better to have the tricromes stay as intact a possible--it is better not to cure it. It will taste just as good. I often even taste a plant without any drying at all. In this case it doesn't taste as good as dried but it still tastes good--especially if you don't carbonize the hell out of it.

    YOU CAN SMOKE FRESH UNDRIED HERB IF YOU WANT. If you just have to or you want to know which plants are superior in effect.

    First good thing about this method--YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR ANYTHING TO WARM UP.

    Remove the slider and stuff your bud in the barrel of the very bong you now use (unless it's super tiny). You already have the temp set on your new sears professional heat gun--the one that says Swiss made on it to ensure ceramic encapsulation of the heating element and superior materials. Your temp is set because as a precaution when you brought it home you ran it for twenty minutes or so with the reduction nozzle that it comes with on--incase any foreign matter was dripped on it by accident--twenty minutes at 1600 degrees should burn off anything that would release at 380 or so --which you will use to vape. After the burn-off you took your two-dollar high temp candy thermometer and found the 386 or so level and set the dial there and marked it. It will warm up to the temp in a second or two.

    Now the air coming out of the gun is the right temp but the herb isn't so it needs about half a lung full of slow (not too slow) inhale of air across it to start releasing so take a half inhale and blow it out (this should only be necessary once per bud. The second hit you can usually just inhale regularly if you got a hit already.) You probably won't see anything when you exhale the half a breath--don't worry about this. Just have faith. Now if your bong is like mine, what you want to do is reduce it's flow potential by almost closing you mouth except for a little passage that you could make a noise with a sharp inhale if you wanted to. Don't get put off--it ain't complex this is just an easy way of allowing yourself to inhale with as much force as you will naturally want to, but still maintain a sustained draw. That's what you want: an even sustained draw. Firstly never put the heat gun to the bong unless you are already inhaling a little--then you won't need a screen on top or any nonsense like that. If you can remember this one thing--which is against your former bong training so it seems counter intuitive. Its surprising how little negative pressure is necessary to insure that no vapor is blown off into the room. If you bud is not somewhat jammed into the barrel it will need more negative pressure to stay in the bong. Remember you don't need the tip right next to the herb an inch is not too far away after the vapor is started. You may want it closer to get the vapor going. You do not need the tip pointing directly down at the herb you can sort of swirl a portion of the air flow in from one side of the bowl or the other. Look at the picture. It works best if the bud is down in the barrel with only the very top of it in the bottom of the bowl part of the barrel to prevent the whole bud from sliding into the bong. If the bud starts to slide down--stop. Let it cool a little take the barrel out of the bong push the bud back out the barrel with a rod of some kind like a twig without breaking it up if possible. It may be quite dry now so be careful. If you can, turn the bud on its side so it lodges in the pipe better and start again. If you remember this one thing you will not waste any herb learning how to really vap. Now the other thing that people often do is breath out a great hit of vapor because they don't know they have one because it takes a huge amount of vapor to hurt and make you cough. You will probably manage to make yourself cough though lol. You will be able to get the same amount of THC with this method in one hit that is in half a joint or more. Remember it won't necessarily hurt. This is a problem for smokers who have come to associate the pleasure of getting high with a pain they feel in their throat and lungs. If you feel anything in your throat you are taking too much or it's too hot. Don't worry you are not gonna loose anything.
    You can stop when a bud stops giving off vapor and smells like popcorn-- you don't want to blacken it. A slight browning is enough--plenty--you may only want to ting it with a golden brown. You can always eat them after you vap them. It's clean. It's not like smoking. You can drink the bong water. It tastes good and pure if you used good water to start with. You can save up all you used browned nuggs and run them through a honeybee and easily extract the oil in a few minutes and coat the tops of your buds you vap with it. Eating it is better in my opinion--At any rate waste is a thing of the past.

    You can easily take hits that are way too big with this method if you are blowing out huge clouds of vapor because you can’t hold it in--you need to rethink. You can't wait until you feel it in your throat to stop inhaling. The end of your heating the bud should come right before that. Continue to inhale and move the tip of the gun away from the bong. Continue to inhale until you lungs are full. Some vapor will still come off after you move the gun away. Continue to inhale. You do not want to leave any vapor in the bong even if someone else is waiting his or her turn. Vapor and smoke get stale if left standing in a bong or a bag like in a nanosecond (well a few seconds anyhow) They condense on the walls of the containers and taste bad. A real mystery to me why this happens (the tasting bad part) but it does. That’s why even though you can buy a valve from Volcano that allows you to use your heat gun just like it, it stands up by itself pointing upward with stability, you will not buy the valve because it tastes better and you will get better highs and more intense rushes just using it for direct vaporizing.


    Try that with some rotten piece of crap that can’t give you a decent hit no matter how you huff and puff.

    With this method getting killer hits it not the problem. You will get hits bigger than you ever thought possible. Then later you will realize that it’s better not to and just take a medium sized hits, and that means a little learning of what it feels like when the vapor starts to flow—it can be very subtle—but you can go from the subtle wonderful tasting inhale to a gigantic hit in less time than you would think. I think no matter what I write anyone will initially go too far if they are not use to vaping that can produce any type of hit you want. You can take a subtle nebulous toke that has the wonderful effect of getting you where you want to be without hurting you at all, or you can let her rip—faster and higher than ANY hot box or collector type design. And if I’m wrong you return it. My gun cost me around a hundred dollars—it was the best hundred dollars I ever spent. I wish we had known about this in the sixties. So there you go gang—you can be vaping today and try it out with no risk.

    With a little intelligence and sensitvity you can save a bundle and have complete control over the manner in which you melt you tricromes and inhale the vapor. Just be sure to use a safe heatgun--not the one sitting in some tool box, unless you know for a fact it's safe. Also you will need some kind of infinitly variavle temp control not some one or two temp job. And when you realize just how simple this is-- a skill set about equal to learning how to eat a seeded grape when you were a kid--you are gonna really wonder what all the confusion was about. You want that thc to leave the skeletal structure of the vegetation and get into you. Now you will begin to use your heat gun as easily as you use to use a lighter--and in much the same way--with the same bong (no pipes please too short too hot) most things the same--except it really tastes good now--is not bad for you on any scale like smoking is--and you are gonna like double the about of high units you recieve form each herb unit. The only thing that is really different is that you have to learn to automatically beging to inhale before you bring the gun to the bong and continue even after you move it away. Good luck and God bless.
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    pix didn work trying again

    don't know why
    hope it works this time

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    if you have a heat gun buy this and use it with a normal bong $49 VRIPTECH

    this was my first experience with vaping...5 years great!!!!!:thumbsup:

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    vrip is great

    If you think about it--the reduction nozzle that comes with the gun is la lot like a vrip, but it doesn't break when you girlfriend knocks the bong over--oops--negative cha ching. But I guess it would serve to stimulate the economy. Personally I'd rather spend another fifty and get a terrabyte hdd from newegg today-- 1.5 Terrabyte Seagate barracuda also avalible for $20 bucks more than that--fastest continual read of anything except velocraptor and five times its capacity--time to vap watch Smallville and get some sleep.

    morning/nite all

    Deck the Halls

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