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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by JollyGoodFellow, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. JollyGoodFellow

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    Alright I just moved into my dorm room, and I'm a freshman. I'm looking around in my dorm room and I see a sprinkler right above my head and a smoke detector in here too. Now the question is If I have a vapolution vaporizer will smell of it turned on set off the smoke detector and or the sprinkler system?
  2. iNHALE.xHALE.

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    i dont think itll set off the smoke alarm or spirnkler but itll probably smell
  3. UTD Toker

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    no way man
  4. mfqr

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    Smoke detectors test for smoke, not vapor. I doubt it can detect vapor.
  5. GosTo

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    boiling water = vapors

    i dont think they have installed like a nice ass component or vapor detector that detects thc, unlike a smoke detector which is required... if they did it would be in every room. costin money

    so i am 99.99 percent sure you are gonna be :thumbsup:

    edit: idk if those components/detectors for thc are real lol
  6. NextLineIsMine

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    your totally fine man but smell is indeed a factor
  7. THClord

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    Dude, I've smoked hookahs is my dorm room and the alarm did not go off.

    If you are still worried, you can take a plastic bag and tape it around the detector.
  8. sometimes it's too hot to vapor
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  10. tryinurshoes

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    So if I was at a pharmacy and asked the pharmacist in a joking manner if they had a certain brand of vitamin and another pharmacist heard me and said no then said they did have a vitamin that was similar should I take his advice and try the vitamin he recommended? The reason I ask is it was my 1st time in that pharmacy and I don't want to buy a vitamin that wont work. After he told me the name of the vitamin he recommended he kept doing his thing and I was thinking man this sounds to good to be true and didn't want to ask anymore questions because they was busy and I just let the pharmacist I was dealing with get me what I went there for. should I go back and ask for what he recommended or was I right in thinking this is to good to be true.
  11. Pupp

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    Have you been watching Drugs, Inc.? Seriously, it sounds like one of their episodes, which was filmed in some island country. I can't recall what the illicit drug was though. Been a while since I seen the episode. I think it was some opiate pharmaceutical.
  12. tryinurshoes

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    I noticed after I posted this it was gonna look weird because I quoted the wrong post I was trying to reply to the post from a person answering someone elses post (the person I quoted) more or less a vapor vitamin is what I was asking about, I am not blowing smoke up anyones butt either lol
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  13. Pupp

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    LOL. I can see how that makes it look like an episode of Drugs, Inc.

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