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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by melodious fellow, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. melodious fellow

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    This past spring, after getting bronchitis twice in 6 months, I was proud to post here that I had quit smoking and had purchased a vapor-bros vaporizer!

    Although I felt much better since (less coughing etc) I still managed to develop bronchitis this past October. I fought it for a few weeks and got well. Now the end of November, I have bronchitis again...

    I kinda want to know if anyone has ever heard of negative effects from a vape (hopefully birdgirl is around, she knows much about pulmonary function, and granny too, she is really well-read!)

    I never set the temperature dial much past the halfway point on my vape, but perhaps my daily or twice daily use combined with my allergies is still causing me respiratory harm????

    The filter separating the herbs from the hose is fairly fine, but it is still likely that there are tiny dust particles and whatnot passing through and into my lungs.

    I have also read that the rather warm and very dry air that one inhales when using a vape can often cause respiratory irritation.

    I tried connecting my vape to a water pipe, but after finishing, the inside of the vape hose had lots of water droplets way up inside, which I could not reach to dry. Worrying that water left inside a vape hose could be a breeding ground for bacteria etc, I decided against that idea.

    Now after seeing my doc, he said I should quit vaporizing and also advised against me using cannabis in edible form (some nonsense about how eating cannabis prevents the body from absorbing vitamins).

    My current plan is to just switch to edibles (which is really sad because that means I cannot be a daily user anymore as edibles are much more $$$)

    SO yea, if anyone has heard of vapes causing any type of respiratory problems etc PLEASE chime in.... I could find little on the net other than the positive aspects of vapes.

    responses are really much apprecited :Rasta:
  2. Revanche21

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    edibles are cheaper if you make them yourself!

    but yea I quit smoking cigarettes and cut down drastically on combustive smoking and I am currently waiting to see my ear and nose specialist.
  3. vapefiend

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    I had bad bronchitis when I was a kid. They said it was asthmatic. It quit when I hit puberty, but I think it made my respiratory system weak. Seemed like colds always went to my chest and took about 3 weeks to completely leave me. I'm a lot more health conscious these days and can kick a cold much faster and without it going into my chest.

    I also smoked for many years. Gave up the cigs about 12 years ago, but continued to smoke cannabis. A few years ago that started bothering me to the point where I was gonna quit. But it was just tight lungs and the chronic smoker's cough, not bronchitis. Then I discovered vapes. While too much heavy duty vaping can give me a case of tight lungs the next day, it's been much, much kinder than smoking, and I haven't had any chronic coughing or major lung issues since switching to vapor.

    So for me, improving my health/immune system was more important for keeping my respiratory system up to par than whether I smoked/vaporized. Vapor is definitely much kinder to the lungs than smoke, and I've not heard of anyone having bronchitis with vaping unless, like you, they already had the problem.

    As for vitamin absorption, tobacco use is a factor, but I've never heard anything about cannabis use causing problems. Sounds like your doc is the typical anti-cannabis type.
  4. VapedG13

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    my wife is a asmatic.... we have a nebulizer here in our home.....She gets colds 2-3times a years.... they always turn into bronchitius...and it takes her 3-4 weeks to get rid of the dang thing.

    We vape but I think you really need to have a vaporizer that has digitally controlled temp settings

    We have found that if the vapor comes from the heat source set above 340* for her lugs the vapor seems harsh.

    Vapor from temp setting of 335-340* are alot smoother... we have vaped at 325* with our volcano.
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  5. floorida239

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    I switched to a vape and was using the whip (VAPIR1), when I got a horrible case of bronchitis. after quitting for a while and blaming the vape, I tried the VOLCANO. This uses the bag system and is a much preferred method for me, no bronchitis again yet, however when its chronic (haha) bronchitis, its going to come back eventually anyway.
  6. MaryJaneMonkey

    MaryJaneMonkey Registered+

    Purple Days ;)

    I think edibles are better and easier to conceal especially on a road trip Duncan Hines brownies are the best!) But then again, we just purchased a purple days and its awesome like drinking from a small coconut with a fat white straw. Sometimes I feel my throat burning though because of the hot vapors.:vap_smiley::vap_smiley:
  7. tokingfool

    tokingfool Registered

    Lower the temperature:thumbsup: Like Vaped stated
  8. melodious fellow

    melodious fellow Registered+

    I think I am going to lower the temp on my vape, stop with the mids, and cover the end of the whip tube with a thin piece of cotton cloth to filter particles; a coffee strainer was too thin for air to move through.

    so yea, I went 6 days. Green Dragon does not do hardly anything at all for me and is sooooo expensive, rather for nothing.

    It is chronic bronchitis, so it will be back again in the spring and probably once next fall and next winter too haha.

    I guess as Huxley said, "Who lives longer: the man who takes..." cannabis "...for two years and dies, or the man who lives on roast beef, water and potatoes till ninety-five? One passes his twenty-four months in eternity. All the years of the beef-eater are lived only in time."
  9. dubkakes

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    Im using an "ubie" and my question is am i really even vaporizing, it seems like im not even turning the bud brown untill i roast the fuck out of it? suggestions.... i dont wanna spend anything over 20 bucks and i dont wanna breath in smoke...
  10. kz1000r

    kz1000r Registered+

    Iv used a volcano for going on 3 years now and if I have anything bad to say is I find my lungs get kinda chocked up after a session and I can cough pretty good for 1/2 hour or so. I have tried different temps, different amounts and cant seem to get a comfortable session. Iv sometime wondered if vapouring is "without harm"?
  11. melodious fellow

    melodious fellow Registered+

    Still having problem

    While vaping is healthier than smoking, one must wonder about the possibility of inhaling bacteria and fungi into the lungs, which could cause infection. There is bacteria and fungi in herbs, bacteria in the vaporizer whip, etc.

    Hopefully birdgirl or someone else knowledgeable about this will comment.

    Does anyone else ever get negative respiratory effects from vaping?

    Could vaping increase one's likelihood of getting chest colds?

    Do you quit vaping when you have a cold or flu?

    JOHNNYBLAZE36 Registered

    Good point you raise, I too own a Vapor Brothers and while I like the fact it feels and seems better on my body - Im also worried about possibly inhaling chunks of particles, dust, weed etc into my lungs which im sure is really bad.

    Is there any solution you have found that would work as a screen for the VBs mouth piece?
  13. melodious fellow

    melodious fellow Registered+

    Johnny, I definitely agree that VB feels better than smoking, but I will admit that it doesn't always leave me feeling great. I am somewhat of a hypochondriac, so seeing all that dust and gunk and particulate crap that passes through the whip filter and builds up in the hose makes me think about it building up in the lungs....

    My friend puts a cotton t-shirt or cotton cloth over the mouthpiece to filter out particulate matter. Water attachments seem to be better at filtering out particulate matter and probably even dust and whatnot. But neither of these options will filter bacteria or fungal spores. Bacteria probably build up in various parts of the vaporizer and its equipment as well, but it is inhaling fungal spores that is particularly worrisome.

    Hopefully more people will comment about how vaping affects their lungs and their susceptibility to colds and whatnot and comment about whether it is wise to avoid vaping while sick. Granny (Storm Crow) always has good advice.

    Maybe one day we'll all be able to afford edibles :)
  14. Lobo00

    Lobo00 Registered

    Just My 2 Cents

    You are breathing dust fungus and and all type of things 24/7
    It seems to me that what you really need is to get your health up first.
    If you are healthy those things cant get to you but if you are weak they will.
    Restore the health of your lungs first, do lots of breathing exercises and stretches.
    Consult a doctor in Chinese medicine.
    And for the moment until you get better don't inhale any type of smoke or vap.
    Your body is telling you something listen to it.
    My two cents.
  15. iSmoke31307

    iSmoke31307 Registered+

    I recently had the flu for a while, and still smoked once in the very middle of it. Had no problems what so ever(Well, except for having the flu.).

    I really don't think that THAT many particles could go through the screen and all the way up the whip, so inhaling anything other than a minute amount of dust isn't that bad. But when you're inside, you are inhaling dust. Outside inhaling dust and pollen and stuff.
  16. steinitz

    steinitz Registered

    AroMed 3.0

    Hello guys

    My first post on here. I've had asthma for over 25 years and I am 53 currently. Always purchasing top-of-the-line celebs cited to get the German-made AroMed 3.0.

    After studying different types of models I decided the cleanest way would be going with the German technology of using the heat from a halogen bulb to heat the stash.

    If that wasn't pure enough it goes through a small waterpipe. Then finally a 2 foot long tube. No problem with any harshness just a taste that you're looking for. I'm using my vaporizer at 375°. After going to 400° I noticed it was closer to smoking a joint but better in terms of overall taste etc..

    I'm hearing from the forum that that is too high. I'm going to investigate further and see if 338° is really ultimate temperatures all around. As far as the leftovers I agree cooking it would be efficient. Since I'm growing legally I will just toss it out in the wind and see where it lands. Sorry a little stoned right now!

    Also, I decided against a portable vaporizer because there is not any on the market that is worth purchasing because of many issues such as getting too hot in your hand, the smell of plastic (that's a real bad one) and other factors.

    I purchased a DC to AC inverter and make sure the wattage was twice as high as what my unit actually draws. It's just safer that way and runs cooler. Now I can take the best of the best on the road if I decide to.

    By the way I have no affiliation with the company and rarely post positive testimonials.......

    Look out drivers

    Don :hippy:
  17. ColoMtnRunner

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    From an Athletes Point of View

    I am trail runner and long course tri-athlete. I can run the Pikes Peak Ascent in just over 4 hours and completed IronMan Coeur d'Alene this year in 13 hours. I train twice a day for upwards of 20 hours a week. I am also a MMJ patient in Colorado.

    Growing your own and vaporizing is the way to go.

    Long Live Amendment 20, a right retained by the Citizens of Colorado.
  18. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    try 350 -365*F :thumbsup:

    Been vaping for 10 yrs..... the Iolite portable works great
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  19. SmokeNRun

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    lol. really? You don't want to spend more than $20 but yet you don't want smoke? Sounds like you need to get your priorities in order.
  20. topazdog

    topazdog Registered

    Me too

    I'm using the iolite vaporizer 2-4 times a week. I'm having trouble catching my breath and am coughing a lot. It feels like there is something right in the middle of my chest that is itching. My buddy tried the iolite once and said it felt like he had asthma the next day. I do get a plastic smell and taste from the thing.

    I want to use a portable vaporizer only. I don't have access to leaves for edibles, only high grade/high cost bud.

    Any suggestions to fix this. I'm not going to give it up but want to start running and get back in shape...

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