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Vaporizing seems to make my throat more dry and sore...

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by TokinChick, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. TokinChick

    TokinChick Registered+

    About a month ago I stopped smoking and started vaporizing in an attempt to be healthier.

    Love the vap, it's great. Got a Vaporwarez 3G. However, it seems that my throat is really dry and sore lately. I think it might be the vaporizer.

    Has anyone else experienced this with vaporizers? Is it unhealthy or just unpleasant?

    I am using it about two or three times per day, with 2 small, standard sized bowls being vaped per session. About four rips per bowl. Maybe that's too much...Any input is appreciated!

  2. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    Drink something!

    Milk is nice- it coats your throat a bit more than water. Flavored milks, like chocolate milk have thickening agents and do an even better job! - Granny:hippy:
  3. TokinChick

    TokinChick Registered+

    That's exactly what my husband said to do...drink milk. I think I am going to drink some before and after vaping. Thanks!
  4. zlessley

    zlessley Registered+

    could be that you have the temperature up too high...
  5. TokinChick

    TokinChick Registered+

    I am going to turn it down and see if that helps. Thanks!

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