Vaporizing vs Smoking ?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by IceNine, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. IceNine

    IceNine Registered+


    im considering making a vapourizer, such as the one here

    what are some of the differences between vaporizing and smoking, besides some of the healthy effects and what not. do you get a better high? use less weed?

  2. Veratyr Star

    Veratyr Star Banned

    IMO, yes the high is much better. Plus, the green doesn't get burned.

    You get more for using less.

    Vape is the way to go.
  3. VaporDaddy

    VaporDaddy Registered+

    Buy a good one. They are worth every penny!

  4. IceNine

    IceNine Registered+

    lol i would if i had the cash, for now im gonna just try the light bulb
  5. tek(bdm)

    tek(bdm) Registered+

    also vaporisers actually clean some weeds which is pretty cool and there is some 1 hit quitters too. defently better dude.
  6. Canadien.

    Canadien. Registered+

    This is definitely the first vape thread that's gotten so much positive feed right off the bat. Kind of interesting lol.

    My two cents? I used to vape every night before bed, because I was worried about my parents. So when I didn't need to worry about them, I just started rollin' j's and smoking my bong... I personally prefer smoking. I just find it more enjoyable. I like the taste better, I like that slight harshness, I like the kick I get after a big smoky hit. I don't use vapes anymore, as I don't enjoy them as much, and there's no need for me to do so, but I'm sure when I'm nearing 60, and my lungs are getting older... I'll have an nice expensive vaporizer, and smoke blunts as an every once in a while treat.

    Still, vaporizers are fantastic, especially if it's authentic, and not a lightbulb. Light bulb was all I ever used, and I was never really disappointed. Except for when they broke of course... That's just a big pain in the ass lol. They get you as high as a joint, with less weed. They ARE better for your health, period.

    But if your anything like me, nothing compares to a nice tasty blunt...

    That's just how I feel, some people enjoy the taste of a nice clean vape hit more. And all the power to them!

    Peace, :Rasta:
  7. Agressor1

    Agressor1 Registered+

    wait, after you vape,

    can you still use the weed that is in there for smoking?
    or does it render the weed THC-less?
  8. ballllin

    ballllin Registered+

    how do u know when ur weed is done after using a vaporizer?
  9. Canadien.

    Canadien. Registered+

    It's not good for smoking, you can, it's just not as good at all, but by golly gosh, is it ever good for brownies. Just save up what looks like two grams of it, put it in a brownie mix and your high as a kite over the ocean.

    You stop seeing the vapor coming from the weed. It takes a little while though, and you'll usually know when you cant taste it as much.

    P.S Ice Nine, Cat's Cradle is a sick book.
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    HERBZILLA88 Banned

    vaping is all around better. you use less weed, you get higher, you can smoke the leftovers, theres less odor, and its good for your lungs...i could go on for days...:Rasta:
  11. Dreamskies

    Dreamskies Registered+

    I'm definitly glad I purchased my vaporizer. Alot more of a cleaner feeling high, easier on the lungs, and you only need about half as much weed.

    Although, I perfer vaping only during the daytime. I personally like smoking more before I go to bed because I seem to get more of a heavier feeling high.
  12. vileoxidation

    vileoxidation Registered+

    How much do you put in it, and how do you get it in there? I can't reach my fingers inside a lightbulb if I am holding something.

    But mainly, how much is it for a normal bowl size in a pipe?
  13. Agressor1

    Agressor1 Registered+

    Ok, so let me summarize what I think i've gathered.

    -Better high
    -Less usage of weed
    -Weed still smokable after vaping
    -No smell?
    -Get just as high with half the weed

    Ok, but can you vape your weed until it's dry of THC and unsmokable?

    I just don't like to throw away weed that looks like it might have THC in it (still green/brown).
  14. vileoxidation

    vileoxidation Registered+

    Okay, I don't know if I am burning the weed or if I am just not vaping it enough. It smells and tastes terrible, but a lot of it is still yellow/green-ish. I think its cause a lot of it is burned ash but a lot of it is still good so it tastes terrible, but I don't know how to stop that or to get it cleared out.

    Any help?
  15. indecision

    indecision Registered

  16. Agressor1

    Agressor1 Registered+

    What method are you using to vape it?
  17. vileoxidation

    vileoxidation Registered+

    Oh, duh, sorry.

    Lightbulb. I just got curious about it tonight and tried.
  18. Stoney21

    Stoney21 Registered+

    Vape is very good. I bought the Vapir One for like $150. It is good. If you are going to do it use the vape bags:jointsmile: . But I do not think it should replace the joint, bong, or pipe. It is good to rotate. I dont like smoking the same way all the time. I get board with vapeing on ocasions; so I just spark a J. But you should definatly try it:thumbsup: .
  19. VaporDaddy

    VaporDaddy Registered+

    I only vaporize now. I got a whip style vaporizer, I am going to buy a portable one (vapor genie)
    I have hit the same "bowl" in my vape like 5 days in a row! I think you get way more effect/amount of weed. Then you can cook with the vapo-poo and get fucked again! How can you not use one? They pay 4 themselves fast. :)

    :jointsmile: (I wish we had a vaporizer smilie!)
  20. Smoke'n'Toke

    Smoke'n'Toke Registered+

    Did you clean out the lightbulb? Mine tasted NASTY at first, then i cleaned it out and let it dry overnight, now its bitchin.

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