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    I understand that clones, mothers, and vegging plants all need different humidity and temperature. I read that most people host these 3 plants in the same room since they all use fluorescent light bulbs.

    Using a single room (5 feet wide by 6 feet long by an 8 foot ceiling), can you please explain how this is possible and if you need separate thermostats, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and heaters for the 3 seperate stages of plant life (mother, clone, veg).

    I don't quite understand how to do this... Thanks!
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    Mmmm salt n vinegar pringles guy... I will answer!!!:D

    The simple way to do it is set your room temp for maintaining happy mothers. Aim for 75-78'F with 50% humidity. I also recommend 24/0 lighting if you will be using one room for all, as it is easier to keep constant.

    Then, arrange your lights so that teh MOST intense light (I STRONGLY suggest a 400 watt MH with a Hortilux Blue bulb in that space) is directly over your mothers. Clones that are fully rooted and vegging may sit around the perimiter of that pool of light, and clones that are not yet rooted and under domes should be kept in the corners, under the least intense light. IF your room seems too cool for rooting clones, simply slip a seedling heat mat ($25 USD) under each tray. If that makes it too hot, put a piece of corrugated cardboard between the mat and the tray. Under the dome should be about 80+/- 2'F.
    Now may I have a glass of water? :D
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    Thanks for replying to my question with helpful info, it's awesome that you took the time to do that. Here is your glass of water..and some pringles :)

    Although I would like to use a MH in my veg room, I am concerned about energy usage and would like to use something more economical like a T-5 fluorescent set up. Do you have any advise on this? The veg room itself is 6x4 with an 8 foot ceiling. The flower room will host 12 plants and is 10x6 with an 8 foot ceiling.

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    If you use any type of flourescents, you have to maintain a very SHALLOW canopy and it will not actually be all that efficient. Remember, the most useable lumens per watt for vegging does come from a MH light. That being said, if you have a few bucks to spend, a small T5 fixture is freaking AWESOME for starting seedlings, or even lighting a whole large room that you keep nothing but rooting and rooted clones in. I was running a 24" new wave t5 in a 5x6x6 room as the only light, and using that room only for propagation- it was EXACTLY the correct amount of light in that space. But if you want only a single light, go for the MH. It will actually save electricity in the end.
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    Thanks again for the fast reply Miss Stinky Attic!

    Can you tell me more about the MH light, mathmatically I'm not comprehending how the MH light is better on electricity. The room will have 2 mothers, 12 clones rooting, and 12 vegging most of the time. The room is 6 feet wide by 5 feet deep and has an 8 foot ceiling. Using a charcoal filter and inline fan in that room as well.

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    Every light has a set number of watts that it uses, and a set number of lumens that it emits. Within those lumens, only a certain percentage of them are useful to the plant. Your goal as an indoor grower is to choose lighting that MAXIMIZES how many useable lumens are produced for every watt used. MH is optimal for veg, and HPS is optimal for flower. Flourescents emit the correct TYPE of lumens, but at a higher watt amount per lumen.
    Other lights such as incandescents emit a lot of heat along with a bunch of non-useable lumens, and are therefore useless in your grow.
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    Hey Stinky! So with that 400w metal halide, how many plants (including 2 mothers) can veg under it? reflection would be full in effect.

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