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    I just started my first grow and my plant has the round leaves on the bottom and the true leaves. I was wondering how much longer will it take for it to get to the veg. stage or is it already there? how long does the veg. stage last? And once its in the veg. stage do i fert it and change the hours on the lights? right now the light is at 12/12.

    Thanx for any comments and suggestions :D
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    what kinda lighting are you using?? try not to get them too hot but i think you should change the light to 24/7 if u can.
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    Welcome to the best hobby around.

    I was wondering how much longer will it take for it to get to the veg. stage or is it already there?

    A plant has two life cycles, the Veg stage and the Flowering stage.

    Veg Cycle - This is the first part of a plants life. In this stage the plant concentrates on developing a healthy root system and the production of growth above ground. During this stage it is recommended to keep the plants under lights for long periods of time. Here are some example schedules that are commonly used.

    - 24/0 - Twenty-four hours on, zero hours off.
    - 18/6 - Eight-teen hours on, six hours off.

    Once you choose a light schedule you should stick with it. Do not go 18/6 one day, 16/8 one day, and 17/7 the next. Stay consistent. Changing the schedule all of the time will stress the plant and possibly make it go hermaphroditic.

    Remember that the longer your plants are under hot lights the more water they will consume. Watch closely to make sure that they are not drying out. Of course the amount of water used is determined also on the temp of the grow space. The hotter that it is, the more water is used up.

    How long does the veg. stage last?

    The veg stage will go on for as long as the grower allows it to. This is indoor of course. Outdoors the plants follow the rules of mother nature and go into flower with the changing of the seasons and the amount of sun they receive.

    Many people veg their plants until they are around 12 inches tall. If you put a plant into flowering while it is still really small (Which is what you are doing in a sense, by using the 12/12 light schedule) it will not have much of a chance to develop a good root base, and will only produce minimal results in the end. If you leave a plant in veg for an extended period of time it will become quite huge by the time it is done flowering. Plants go through a "stretching" stage for about two weeks after they get put into flowering. Some plants will double in size during this stage. This can create some lovely tree size plants, but it can also be a disaster if you have limited space, as most indoor home growers do.

    Flowering Cycle - The flowering cycle of a plants life is where it shows its sex (male, female, or hermaphroditic), once sexed take out all of the males and hermi's, unless you plan on making seeds, in which case only take out the hermi's. Hermaphroditic plants seed all your good buds when left in the grow room and the seeds that are created have a very good chance of being hermaphroditic also. The light schedule that is used in Flowering is a 12/12 schedule, 12 hours on and 12 hours off.

    A plant will not automatically (unless you are using a specialized strain such as "Lowryder") go into the flowering stage. That is something that you have to do by changing the light cycle to a 12/12 schedule.

    Just like with picking a veg light schedule it is very important that you are consistent with the timing of the lights. Also another big factor with lights during the flowering cycle is: You must make sure that no light is seen by the plants at all, during their off stage of the light schedule. If the plants see light during the off stage they have a good chance of turning hermi. This is called light poisoning.

    Do i fert it?

    Do not fertilize your plants until they are a minimum of two weeks old, it is better to wait to start ferting them until they are three to four weeks old. Start with a 1/4 strength and work your way up over the course of say 2 or 3 feedings, to full strength (full strength = as reccomended by the manufacturer). Do not feed your plants every watering. I would suggest feeding every two or three waterings. You will be able to best determine this by watching the plant.

    Their are seperate nutrient mixes for veg and flower. Their are a ton of different brands and varieties to choose from. I use Pure Blend Veg and Pure Blend Bloom, they are good I think, but I am sure there are better products out their.

    Here are a few questions I have for you.

    - What is the size of your grow area?
    - What type of light are you using?
    - Do you have a ventilation system for your area?
    - Are you growing in soil or are you using a hydroponic set up?

    If it is possible you should try to post some pictures. Please keep me updated on your virgin run. I hope you receive twice what you put in.

    If you have any other questions or need me to clear anything up please just let me know.

    Heres to smiles on happy growers faces, all over the world.

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    good answer
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    thanx alot man uve helped out alot. i was also just wondering about how many months should it take for the plant to grow b4 i can start the flower cycle. Oh and the set up is like a sea of green but it only has 5 plants

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