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    I am just wondering if anyone could please tell me a suitable temperature for the vegetative stage of growth. I have 150 watts (which I might upgrade to 175 watts) total of flourescent tube fixtures and CFLs which I will be using to start the seedlings indoors for roughly 1 month (I'll likely start them about a week early). I will then be transplanting the plants outdoors, and I'll also be trying to get them out early (likely around May 20). I have done this before with great success, the plants took off once I put them out in the sun.

    Since I'll be growing mid-late finishers the first month indoors helps alot. I just bought a spiffy new wireless digital indoor/outdoor thermometer at Canadian Tire for $9. But I need to know the appropriate temps to start (after the seeds are germed and put in soil) and grow them for the first month, just to make sure everything is cool for ventilation (its basically a big cabinet grow).

    some strains that I'll be growing include Double Gum, AK-48, Northern Lights, and Original Haze x Skunk #1, although I don't know how the pure Sativa Haze x Skunk will work out, they were freebies from GN so I might as well give them a go (I'll see how long I can keep them kickin out there). the outdoor plot's soil will be greatly improved by adding a mixture of vermiculite, perlite, blood and bone meal, and sheep manure. the fertilizers will be completely organic, 5-1-1 fish emulsion, 6-6-6 fish base, 01-0.3-0.7 Fox Farm Big Bloom, and finally 2-8-4 Fox Farm Tiger Bloom.

    so could anyone please tell me an appropriate temperature for vegging?

    thanks :jointsmile:

    will keep the board updated with pics ...

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