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Which best describes your feelings towards the pricing at current dispensary?

  1. Significantly overpriced, focused on profits

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  2. A little overpriced

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  3. Fair market value

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  4. Good deal

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  1. Challenge accepted! Lol, don't think it's possible for me to lose that scenario. Basically, if I'm wrong, it's still the best day ever. Uploaded a few close ups of what I have at the moment. Cherry Pie :) How great would it be to have a Vermont Cannabis Cup where we get to do nothing but those kind of challenges? IMG_3332.jpg m4.jpg IMG_3332.jpg m4.jpg

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  2. Truthseeking1

    Truthseeking1 Registered

    If you knew who they got the Cherry Pie from and how they treated that person after the fact, well, you'd probably be just as mad me.

    Especially since Cherry Pie is not only one of the best medicinal strains CVD/SVW sells, but it is also their best seller, ever.
  3. Truthseeking1

    Truthseeking1 Registered

    To start, on the state's MMJ website document library - you can download a dispensary information sheet that lists most if not all strains each one sells, as well as the array of products they offer. It may need a little updating though. Prices in Rutland are currently comparable if not competitive; they also do not engage in pricing gimmicks. I also feel that the selection is much better, as well. When I first tried to get in touch, it wasn't more than an hour or two later that Alex Ford herself called me back and engaged me in a lovely and lengthy conversation despite her very busy schedule. It really felt like she actually cared and she had a very warm and welcoming way about her.

    When delivery comes, and it will soon (rules have been proposed and are waiting for the final approval, you can read them from said document library), everyone will be free to deliver anywhere in the state. Competition is coming! There IS a downside. As you noticed there is nothing on Leafly for any state dispensary; that is because it is written into the law that they are not allowed to advertise whatsoever. So when it does come, then you certainly will want to call around and figure out the best option for you. From what I have learned though, at this point you should expect for there to be a fee for deliveries.
  4. vermonstah

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    I have tried several of mr lynns offerings...........not bad meds nope, but they could be better and they also could be set at a level that EVERYONE could enjoy. I am not saying they dont get there hands on decent herbs all im saying is ive enjoyed cannabis since 1990, during this timeframe ive been able to find specific strains/ plants that are higher brix #'s and much better quality genetics then whats out there ive found personally. cured og.jpg I can tell you this though, i have probobly given away more high quality meds then i can shake a stick at in the last 10 years, i understand getting a profit, but being greedy with such a wonderful plant really winds me up. I only dialed in my strains to achieve personal nirvana, if i can share and help others. i will.
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  5. Truthseeking1

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    That's some beautiful herb. CVD/SVW definitely isn't up to par with that yet...
  6. HST Jr

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    Learned My craft in Putney Vermont in the olden daze much to Bill Graham's dismay….
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  7. vermonstah

    vermonstah Registered+

    ^^^^ love that avatar! I actually learned from my "uncles" at the craftsbury fiddlers contests back in the day! I aslo use the term havent seen that in a coons age!
  8. Ooohh, aahhh [repeats many times]
  9. I don't about that, but I do know it's pretty great. It's hard to pick one favorite, comparing indicas and sativas can be like apples to oranges. but I know cherry pie is my favorite hybrid. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, smells as yummy as it tastes, long lasting, and the perfect blend of sativa and indica medicinal qualities.
  10. vermonstah

    vermonstah Registered+

    well good for you! you have found your strain. I however am like captain kirk and spock bouncing off nebula's searching for that romulan that just wont stop killin it! S.L wont be the bringer of all thats great, nothing born outa straight greed ever has its roots in the right place imho. Then again if you wanna talk long lasting ....... oilish situations! 004.JPG oilish situations! 003.JPG oilish situations! 002.JPG vermont skunk full melt tested at#'s that make me speak unintelligable languages.......pretty damn potent! No S.L cant get his hands on this neither!
  11. vermonstah

    vermonstah Registered+

    Anyone from outa state take a lesson from us vermont boys see these flowers..........NEVER FUCKEN KIEFED BEFORE given away! learn west boys learn!
  12. Truthseeking1

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    You should try the C99, if/when they restock it. Another perfect hybrid.
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  13. Truthseeking1

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    Shane's kief is garbage. He charges 50$/gram for dust loaded with capitulate stalks because he's too dumb to know how to separate them from the heads. Tried it about 4-5 times and every time it's burned black and harsh instead of melting like it should. Waste of money!
  14. vermonstah

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    I was going to make an effort to progress and journal a garden here but i am starting to see/realize maybe why many folks dont stay here. I have no time for folks whining in posts about reading my opinions about something and complaining, i can get that at trollitup allday. I will check this thread from time to time but i refuse to get into that drama zone again, it aint who i am and to be bruatlly honest i aint here to prove nothing to anybody. Really grinds my gears as peter from family guy would say. I usually go by the if it dont apply let it fly mentality.
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  15. emilya

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    so, if anyone has a counter opinion, you dont want to hear it. Got it. You want to be able to post your opinions without anyone (especially a girl) offering an opposing argument. You wish to call people scumbags and assholes, and not have anyone react. Got it. See ya.
  16. vermonstah

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    I can see now why the people i talk to avoid this site....^^^^^ this pest is a perfect example!
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