VERY slow growth on seedlings

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Saggitaur, Sep 28, 2010.

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    Hey Everyone I've got a problem growing my white widow seedlings. I germinated them with ease but since then... about two weeks now, some have basically stopped growing after they got there first true set of leaves. There leaves are small and deformed. The plants just seem to be having a hard time growing in my grow room. Any suggestions???

    Water every three to four days with aged tap water with a pH @ 6.0. I also add eight drops of root master B-1 to each gallon of water I prepare.

    I have a 400 watt Metal Halide grow lamp about five foot above them. I raised it from being about two foot from them the first few days.

    Lights are on from 4am to 10pm, I just changed that today to on at 4am off at 9 pm then back on for an hour from midnight to 1am. I read that helps with getting female plants.
    I started these plants in peat pots with organic soil, no nutes. I will confess that I did feed the plants with one quarter of the suggested amount of miracle grow. I have since then flushed out the pots with fresh water and stopped using the miracle grow.
    These guys are going on three weeks old and they look horrid! Can anyone please give me any suggestions?
  2. CannabisCorp

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    You should get your one light as close as you can (3-5") to the seedlings. If that doesn't work, try out some new lights.
  3. Cattsy

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    Funny.... I'm having the SAME issue with my White Widow babies... VERY slow growing. I have two that have been in my nursery for over two months now, and they're maybe 6" high, and have some strange leaf growth on the top, all curly like, I'm going to post some pictures in a different thread, but I came across your post and thought I'd chime in that I'm experiencing a similar issue with that strain.
  4. Saggitaur

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    If I get the light that close it will fry the plants. The metal halide lights get real hot.
  5. Iceberg420

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    Hmmm, well see how far you can keep ur hand away from it for 30 secs without it being too hot for you and put ur plants there... they'll prob turn out to be males or hermie on u if they get stunted too much so you might wanna junk them if you're tryin to make money but if you're tryin to learn to grow then give it a "fuck why not" and try and make em grow lol
  6. canniwhatsis

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    Where the hell did you two get your seeds from?

    I've got some WW seeds started, and they're moving along nicely,... they are just now starting to form their first set of "True" fan leaves,.... it's been less than a week since they broke the surface. :detective1:
  7. Saggitaur

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    Got mine from Amsterdam seed company
  8. Saggitaur

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    Doing MUCH better

    I don't know what I did but my babies are growing strong! I added another exhaust fan today to keep the temps down a little lower. It helped by 2 degrees.
  9. Cattsy

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    Hey dude hows your grow going???

  10. TANKJR

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    They sound stressed and they are very young...too much, too fast...First three weeks my clones and seedlings get nothing but rainwater and relatively weak light. One must be patient while they get going. Youngsters stressed like that don't recover instantly...give them time and be gentle on nutrients until they get good roots and leaves going. But they may stay stunted and slow now. What you did is like giving a 2 month old baby a T-bone steak, salad, loaded baked potato, and cheesecake for dessert and expecting no problems with the kid eating it all!
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    I hope he's getting at least what I'm getting,... My WW's turned out to be one male 1 female,... I'm flowering the male in a separate room for pollen to breed my own WW seeds, my female would be about 2' tall now if she wasn't trained down for SCROG.

    I plan on flowering starting later this week, tonight is up potting time.:hippy:
  12. oldmac

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    Hey there Saggitaur,

    For future reference, TANKJR hit on both of your problems.

    Seedlings need low level, blue dominate light for good root production. Consider using floros while starting seedlings or just rooted clones, then at 3-4 weeks they will appreciate the 400MH.
    Plus no need to start nutrients too soon either, and when you do start go very weak, you can always go more if they show signs of needing more. But it is hard to un-ring the bell when you go overboard.

    Both of these conditions set back the growth, and takes the plants a long time to recover when the conditions improve.

  13. canniwhatsis

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    Okay,... so OT question,... I'm for the first time cracking a bean in a rapid rooter. Said bean has cracked and is on its way to germing, tho not above the top just yet! :D

    I Have the plug in under my dome with a couple clones that i just started rooting. I'm using a bamboo place mat to diffuse the light getting to the clones while allowing full strength light to hit my rooted quarantined plants. (not under the dome).... ANYWAY!?......

    Should I let the bean sprout and stretch under the diffused T-5 light that I'm using for clones in the first week or once the seedling breaks the surface, or should i move it to more intense light immediately?
  14. Saggitaur

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    On to flowering

    Hey Guys, Thought I'd give you an update, it's been too long.. The girls are doing great. They are into there fourth week of flowering and doing just fine. Been having to fight my pH, keeps going down on me. I try an keep it @ 6-6.5. My one hydro girl got really tall and the nodes are about 6-7 inches apart, not a favorable site for me to look at. I had about three males that I pulled right as soon as I knew they were boys. I've got a couple girls who are doing much better than the rest, I mean pretty full and look like christmas trees, they are about 4 foot tall. My next crop which I'm growing now is going to be a short crop. I don't want them no more than 2-3max tall. I have already topped them. These are my california dream fems and I have four bag seed plants as well. These are about 5-6 inches tall now and are VERY bushy and nice green! Hydro is going to be the way I go from now on which is what these girls are in. So back to my first grow... 3 weeks into flowering and every node and the tops are full of white hairs! Looks to be some small bud as well. Hopefully soon I'll see some larger buds. The smell is intense! Very sweet smell, makes my tummy a little ill if I stay in the same room with them for too long lol. Would love to post some pics but last time I tried it would not let me. I will try though. Have fun everyone!
  15. Saggitaur

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    A few pictures of my 2nd grow

    Can anyone tell me if the one picture of the leave that has two colors to it is normal?

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  16. Saggitaur

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    1st grow

    So here are a few pics of my first grow. They are working on there fourth week, how do you guys think they look? I know the pics are kinda crappy cause of the lights.

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