Very Small buds !?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by mrmuffler, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. mrmuffler

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    Ok so im probable sure i can answer this question my self but i figured it was time to turn to people with real experience.

    Basically this is my first try at growing and my girl is around 2' tall with many branchs, problem is is that the buds are Very small, almost as though they are not there !

    This grow started with 70 watts of light from Flurecent tubes and has now gone on to CFL's only a total of 5 producing arouns 8k lumens (i know not enough) i have them setup so 3 are on the sides and 2 on top. For this grow i used some Nutrients but i cant say for sure not enough, even though the plant grew strong but bud production is almost nothing.

    Ill try get some pictures up tonight but im pretty sure its a little late im about 8+ weeks into flower.
  2. crf70rider

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    well im about 15 and i use cfls i got bud idk your prblem....wats your lite schedule at 12/12 or wat ??? i need more info !! you need some fox farms tiger bloom or some flora nova for some boost in soil idk really more info please
  3. sarah louise

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    Flowering requires more light than vegging... can't say more without pics and more info.
  4. mrmuffler

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    Im running 5 cfls. 150watts equivalent, i have 2 over the plant and 3 from all sides, temp is 70 humidity is kept around 23%, they get water every 3 days and little nutrients. I will take pics and post them up

    I understand you all need more info but what exactly are you looking
  5. canni13is

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    looking for pictures
  6. mrmuffler

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    Here you go ! Their room is covered in Mylar i removed them for the photos !

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  7. canni13is

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    They look great. Whats the prob?
  8. mrmuffler

    mrmuffler Registered+

    IM in my 9th week of flower and the size is not moving at all, im unsure if i need to add nutrients or what !?
    Im looking around at everyone elses plants and at the same time im at they have a Lot more bud ... My plant really has almost nothing in terms of bud :( about 3 or 4 grams wet i would say :(
  9. GetThisOrDie

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    How close are your lights to the plant?? CFLs need to be as close as possible... like 2-4" away from the plant. Not enough light could probably produce the mini buds. The plant looks healthy just baby buds.
  10. mrmuffler

    mrmuffler Registered+

    Im not sure if the reason they are small is because i have lights on all side and not just all above the plant.

    They are about 1"-1.5" from the top and the others are about the same.

    IM at 8k lumens total.

    I forgot to mention the main cola was topped and when i did it, it ended up dying. and then the rest just continued to grow!

    also growth on the rest of the stems is very slow almost nothing, they all have Huge white hairs but No bud at all!?
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  11. stra8outtaWeed

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    i would have to say that you are providing enough light to make them grow but not enough for budding....plants don't see lumens...they only need a few colors form the light spectrum to grow! Are your CFL's in the warm color range i.e. 2500k?
  12. mrmuffler

    mrmuffler Registered+

    Im running 4400k- 5000k ...

    I read all over that lumen are very important for plants to bud !?
  13. canni13is

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    those "big white hairs" are the buds. Your grow is just really slow cause your not providing it with the correct spectrums and enough lumens. they will eventually get bigger and bigger. But at this rate...... might be done at 16 weeks 17 weeks. Id advise getting more and the correct lighting to your plants.
  14. mrmuffler

    mrmuffler Registered+

    Well what color temp would you recommend?:thumbsup: I want w/e light temp to give me the best growing power, Should i add bloom nutrients?
  15. canni13is

    canni13is Registered+

    for flowering its recommended warm, so 2700k. And of course you can add blooming nutes. Just make sure you know what and how before you start just adding stuff.
  16. krisk1227

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    Home depot sell a cfl that is 2600k 150 watt with high lumens. it is a big cfl get several with splitters might help. Plus no one ask what size pots they are in . If roots are root bound there will be minimal bud growth as well. they look ok other wise
  17. stra8outtaWeed

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    Lumens and Lux are measurements of how bright a light source appears to the human eye. Since the human eye is most sensitive to colors plants don't need, and least sensitive to colors plants prefer, Lumens can't be used to accurately compare the plant growing capability grow lights.
    If a grow light manufacturer rates his grow light output in Lumens they are only telling you how bright it will appear to you and light your room, not how well it will grow your plants. The most accurate unit of measurement for comparing plant lighting is the micro Einstein, which measures how many photons of light strike an area per second.

    But, while this is a much better way to estimate a lamp's plant growing ability than Lumens or Lux, it is still very difficult to directly compare two different types of grow lights. All grow lights except the LEDs grow lights emit large amounts of light plants don't use very efficiently, so including that light output in a light's plant growing measurement is misleading.

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  18. cigarettes42

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    honestly your problem isnt the temp of your light. plants can grow in any kind of spectrum. its just that each color produces differently. old schoolers use to grow with 4ft cool white florescent bulbs. i noticed you didnt fill any ts form. that would help. but noticed your purple stems. that could be caused by a cold grow room. if the room is to cold it will hinder its growth.
  19. mrmuffler

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    Thanks everyone for all the GREAT help so far, really glad i joined the site !

    Wow first off you all def know what your talking about you hit everything on the head that i thought the problems was:thumbsup:

    Ok so im going to start by going to the store and buying some 2700 spectrum lights , I have already replaced 2 lights and im going to add a few more.

    As per Bloom nutrients is there something @ homedepot or walmart ect i could buy and what would be recommended ?

    You really know your stuff! I ended up with about 4 cold nights over the past couple of weeks and i didnt adjust my heat accordingly. Now it has been fixed with new heating system.:thumbsup:
    But do you think thats the reason why it has not grown in the last month ?

    Im going to throw this out there! So the other night i was thinking why not add a reptile heating pad under the plant on a dimmer and set it to about 60-70 would that work at all ?

    Thanks again all !
  20. mrmuffler

    mrmuffler Registered+

    Very cool ! Thanks for all the info! :)

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