Video how to extract THC

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by LuciferN, Dec 6, 2007.

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    I didn't watch the video fully, but NO you CANNOT use the material after extraction. Cannabis soaked with butane gas or whatever used probably isn't a good idea, besides it being pretty much usless anyway since you extracted all the THC.
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    i have one of those tools,

    it called a honeybee and it creates thc oil, the most purest availible i hear

    heres my honeybee

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    I've never done it myself, but I have heard of it. One of the things is that butane is extremely flamable. It's explosive! KABOOOM! AAAAAaahhh! Oh God, I'm on fire! The agony!!!!!

    If you want to do it at all, you do not want to do it indoors like these guys in the video were, becasue the fumes will acumulate. Do it outdoors in a ventilated area away from any source of flame or spark. A place where no one will notice the smell of the funes.

    I think there are also other dangers, such as frostbite and contamination, but I don't know much about that.
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    Very interesting. Maybe i'll buy an ounce of dro (~200$ here) and try this experiment out. It seems pretty legit and it all seems to make sense scientifically. I heard you could use acetone for extractions also.
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    is the bubbles the butane evapourating or somting?
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    I've made plenty of butane oil from fan leaves and junk, and it was the best thing Ive ever smoked. I couldn't imagine using good weed.
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    Yes, it boils away at room temp. It looks like he also puts it in a warm water bath or something to speed up the eveporation.
  9. DurbanStone

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    Yes, warm water. I advise you not to blow on it however, your breath causes H2O to mix with it, and it ruins the final product.
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    Honey oil from dro? I like honey oil and hash oil and I usually make it by boiling down Isopropanol I've soaked my pipes in to clean them. But it's not better than good bud, it burns hot. Even if you disagree with that... it's not something to be using good bud for, is it? It's for all the things like leaves that would take forever to smoke because of how little THC they have, I thought.
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    Hot to use the oil

    How do you use the oil ?
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    you can drop some on top of a bowl and smoke it. you can use hot knives. you can put it on joint paper. theres lots of ways. be creative.
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    Don't let Bush know you have oil, or he will invade your ass.
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    haha nice dragonrider, +rep! hahaha
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    lmfao ahahahaha
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    put a few drops in some ash of a cashed bowl.

    i love oil. i make iso oil with my trim, but this butane honey oil looks tempting.

    im gonna try the butane tutorial sticky. ive got a couple ozs of trim in the freezer.
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    Loved that,,Bush is an oil hungery S.O.B
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