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  1. amsterdam

    amsterdam Registered+

    has anyone heard that visine can be used as a date rape drug??that if you squirt enough in someones dring it can make them pass out?

    i heard some people at work talking about this and got curious. :confused:
  2. mellow mood

    mellow mood Banned

    eh. never heard of it. seriously i think thats bullshit. and i dont see anyway why it would be useful, unless you wanna rape someone
  3. hipEstoner

    hipEstoner Registered+

    lol,, i dont think anybody would wanna give someone visine to rape them.. err ,, but i dont know,, there are some weird people out there,,, today ill get with my g/f and ill get her to drink some visine and ill tell you'll how it worked out,, lol
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  4. amsterdam

    amsterdam Registered+

    i thought it sounded like bullshit,but who knows?
  5. Porkchop

    Porkchop Registered+

    and ur asking this question why?
  6. EverydayJunglist

    EverydayJunglist Registered+

    Amsterdam has trouble meeting women,duh.
  7. OreO

    OreO Registered+

    look in the ingredients....i dont even think what its made of can do anything...its like water and some other ingredient or maybe thats clear eyes.....woooooooooooooooooooooow
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Registered+

    i saw that on csi one time some hooker put it on her boobs and he was suckin on them and he passed out and she took all his shit but that was just tv im not sure if it works in real life
  9. jonny

    jonny Registered+

    Noo, i think i see the mistake here:

    Date rapists often use like, bottles with droppers such as eye drop bottles to be able to dose GHB into their victims drinks very subtley,

    So a bottle of visine wud b perfect for a) gettin the ghb into the club, b) to get it into sum1s drink easily.

    it's fuckin disgustin and an absolute disgrace, any type of rape is obviously.

    rapists shud be raped with tree trunks as punishment!!!

  10. Porkchop

    Porkchop Registered+

    I like the way u put that jonny about them fucking cunts should get raped with tree trunks, I know it's not funny, but the way u described the punishment is fucking hilarious!!! rock on man
  11. Hydrizzle

    Hydrizzle Banned

    maybe i they drank a gallon of visene they would die then you could rape thier body....
  12. Mojavpa

    Mojavpa Registered+

    lol A future Law and Order SVU episode
  13. EverydayJunglist

    EverydayJunglist Registered+

    your a dispicable fuck...........

    Make sure you do it before rigamortus sets in!
  14. LonerStoner

    LonerStoner Registered+

    For the longest time I've heard the rumor that Visine CAN be used for underhanded purposes, just not as a daterape drug.

    Supposedly if you squirt like half a bottle into someones drink it will give them wicked diarrhea. Anybody wanna be a guinea pig?
  15. stonefly

    stonefly Registered+

    That is what I heard too. Only I heard it was just a few drops for uncontrollable diareah. It is suppossed to be a vicious way to get back at someone.
  16. Beeblebrox.420

    Beeblebrox.420 Registered+

    According to the MSDS of a similar product, containing the same primary active ingredient:
    That's about it.
  17. Hydrizzle

    Hydrizzle Banned

    That means lots of poopies.

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