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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by HydroDynamics, May 12, 2006.

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    I've been testing using Vitamin B1... oh sounds familiar ehh! It's in Superthrive, all "Starter Fertilizers", etc...

    Vitamin B1 otherwise known as thiamine, thiamin and aneurin. In the U.S. its Thiamine in the U.K. aneurin. Anyways... I've been using it on clones, newly moved clones to Flood/Ebb buckets, and in a general spray application.

    I have to say I've seen a difference in how quicker and more resilient to failed cloning I've seen.

    My approach is to crush a 100mg tablet into a 1 liter/quart spray bottle. For general use I use 500mg / 10 gallons as an addative for the first few weeks. A bottle is about 3 bucks for 50-100 depending on where you get it. Make sure you DON'T USE A MULTI-VITAMIN!!! Only B1.

    The plants that I've done this too have grown quicker, fuller and faster than the ones that did not get B1 in the first few weeks after starting. The difference for me was about a 50% increase in size for the plants after 2 weeks. Thats the difference between a small bush and a regular growing clone.

    I suggest that you also try using B1 as an addative to your cloning, and first few weeks of growth. I actually use it right through till flowering, and the difference shows. For some this may not be new, but it's the first time I've seen it here.

    Give it a try on your next control grow, see how it does for you. My tomato (no-shit... for real) plants took from seed to about 4" in 6 days. With roots sticking out all over on a peat pellet. Very rapid root development!!!
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    I've heard claims similar, but I have not witnessed an experiments done with B1. The results are very intruiging. Thank you for sharing your information with us. I will definitely give it a try. =)
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    Just wanted to share my latest B1 trials with a new set of clones.

    1. Built my own bubble cloner from tupperware, airline with pin holes in it that I siliconed to bottom of tupperware. Using the plastic straw technique.

    2. Took 16 clippings from mama. Dipped in B1 solution, shultz poweder and set in cloner.

    3. Cloning solution is 4 Gallons filtered tap, 1 ml micro, 1 ml grow, 150 mg B1, and 200 mg cloning powder.

    4. Cover is removed twice daily and sprayed each day inside cover with 100mg B1, 1ml micro, 1 ml grow per liter.

    2nd day after putting clones in, no wilt what so ever from moment they went in till now. Have been covered with another top (cloner is two sets of top/bottoms with one top having entire top gutted except for outer ring, then siliconed the two together. Air pump is dual output walmart special!! with ring of tubing on the bottom)

    Water is cloudy from rooting powder and B1. Will let them go about 4 more days before switching water to clear tap, with B1 & some rooting hormone.

    I am truely amazed that I have no wilt. Last clones were in rockwool and I was fighting them for first week with wilt, and leaves that did the twist instantly. Will let everyone know how the little girls turn out.

    Mama is KC 36 that is very mature, pistils covering her everywhere, same with clones.

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