VOTE YES for Michigan Medical Marijuana!

Discussion in 'Cannabis News' started by helmoid, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. helmoid

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    Michigan Medical Marijuana

    Well incase you haven't heard, Medical Marijuana is on the Nov. 2008 ballot for Michigan. This is the first step to bringing medical marijuana to all of USA.

    We need to get out and vote yes on Proposition 1!

    Heres another great article Michigan

    It says that a statewide poll shows a 65% support for Medical Marijuana. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

    Oooh and btw. Michigan would be the 13th Medical Marijuana state..... LUCK NUMBER 13!!!!!!!!!
  2. Markass

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    Once enough states have passed laws, there will be a point that people aren't going to not know about it anymore...And once it affects even one person that's close enough to a skeptic, it tends to change their mind a little..I've certainly seen that..:thumbsup:
  3. Storm Crow

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    There are about 100,000,000 Americans who.....

    Have used cannabis at least once in their lives. That is how many ADMITTED IT! How many fibbed? ;) 100,000,000 is roughly 1/3 of the population.

    All we need to do is each of us, educate ONE more person and VOTE! If we all do that much, it will pass. :stoned: :Rasta: :smokin::hippy::pimp: :jointsmile: :Rasta: :bonghit: :420thought:
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  4. WeedMan07

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    ill tell my family in michigan to Vote! wish Indiana would do this if not im moving lol!

    Agree soon ill be writing a 1-2page about the facts and will be posting them all over Fort Wayne, Indiana so if you have good links msg me them!
  5. painretreat

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    I sure would if I could, but don't live there! Surely, my support is there with you all!!!

    Weedman07: B sure 2 post it on the forehead of my bro-in-law and sister! then run like hell! While you're at it!

    So sorry SC, but I think a lot of us that 'played' with it as young'uns ruined it for a lot of us now! It really wasn't until I had so many medical problems and tried it, I was convinced! But, I didn't spend much time getting educated about it either. It seems hard to have a stoned person convince you of something you should know! Which is why, we need regulate our use when we are preaching medical use! I can't figure out any other reason people aren't listening!

    It is like being in an Emergency Room at 2 A.M. and being the only sober person! Hard to understand a person's cause when they aren't making sense or so 'whatever' they are shouting and you have nothing wrong with your hearing! People that try it once and go around saying, "But, I didn't like it!" Just didn't do it enough, in my opinion or CYA! :Rasta: :thumbsup:

    Now that I know better, I hope I am doing better!! And I do talk about mmj as if it is like an OTC pill! I think nothing of it. I care not if my eyes are red, and I have a nice aroma with my perfume! I like the smell! As long as it isn't everywhere I go. Rather take the smell in with me! PR :hippy:
  6. helmoid

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    Please DO! I am from Fort, Wayne Indiana myself (just of Dupont road)

    Tell everyone in Michigan to Vote YES on prop 1!
  7. SchoDRO

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    ahh that would be a good step, i also live in indiana but sadly at the very bottom (evansville) :(
  8. Markass

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    Look at the post just right above your original that I've quoted..Granny has plenty of juicy links in her signature...

    Where would our knowledge about marijuana be without the internet? The internet makes information that the government doesn't want us to have right at our fingertips..I love it.

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