Waaaay too much...please help!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by shanep330, Feb 26, 2017.

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    Yeah thats kind of what I've been doing today but that shits been sitting in my vent with the heater on for 2 days and I think it worked a little...mainly because Im still getting high easily but no panic attacks today lol
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  2. the next time you get "loud" dont expect that your going to have a panic attack. your prejudging the situation which is messing with your buzz.
    every strain is different and will effect everyone differently. Thats why its good to know what your smoking. Knowing the strain wont tell you everything due to different grow styles, methods, environments, and one strain might have 4 different pheno types (meaning the potency levels will vary, also the aroma and tastes will be different from plant to plant. so with all that said find a strain that is good for your needs. the internet is packed with info but the best way to find out is by being open to variety... ill shut up now
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    See thats the thing lol...I got 2 different batches at the moment...one isnt so bad...kind of mellow actually but still fucks me up pretty quick....now the other one well thats the fucking madman lol the one I wanna basically destroy for lack of a better term

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