'Wait and see': Showdown likely over firearms as Oklahoma medical marijuana users would run afoul of

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    'Wait and see': Showdown likely over firearms as Oklahoma medical marijuana users would run afoul of federal law
    Federal law prohibits users from having firearms

    With voter approval of State Question 788, Oklahoma gun owners join residents of 25 other states in a conflict between state and federal laws governing guns and marijuana.

    “My phone has been burning up with it,” said Don Spencer, president of the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association. “I’ve had a lot of questions from people about concealed carry, and at this point it looks like you can still acquire a permit to carry in Oklahoma, but it would still be a federal crime if you own, possess or carry a gun.”

    The problem is that it is a violation of federal firearms and drug enforcement laws to possess both marijuana and a firearm. With more than half the households in Oklahoma reporting someone in the home owns a gun, conflict over the laws in this state seems inevitable.

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    Tulsa is already on weed maps. :jointsmiley: as temping as it is I don't think I'm going to be applying for my med card because of this. I'm not sure if applying for a commercial grow license would force you to give up your gun rights, too. Hopefully not. Adult use laws will fix this problem but they are saying April is the target of that not Nov.
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    The whole Feds/Guns thing was a factor in letting my MMJ card expire, here in MA.
    Had my ccw come up for renewal while a patient. Never ran into any problems, but the potential is enough. :oops:
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    Our new law says our records will be secure but I don't know if that means secure from the feds or not. i'm going to play it safe and wait, i guess. I'm not sure it matters if you just have a commercial license or not, it sounds like any time you get caught with guns and weed your looking at possible federal charges. I guess technically the feds could just arrest you for weed alone. still risky but I'm hoping to be growing soon. There are already business groups forming here in Tulsa that are meeting weekly.
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