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  1. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    I'm seriously anticipating a loud knock on my door, at any moment ... assurances - ALL names, addresses, e-mail etc., have been shredded and closed, including this one ... this will be MY baby, no one else's ... the MAN may be on the verge of creating a 'major-pain-in-the-ass Activist' :D ... I'll probably be 'missing in action' for awhile ... no worries, mates, good growing :thumbsup:
  2. AustinMan

    AustinMan Registered+

    Wtf. =|
  3. snowblind

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  4. PharmaCan

    PharmaCan Registered+

    Reaper - Take care dude. Make sure your plant count is kosher!!!

    PC :thumbsup:
  5. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    appreciate that ... it isn't 'paranoia', it's 'Federal' ... DEA was at my friend's today, and 'take it from there' ... plants are still growing, fuck 'em ... (but, I expect I AM 'going away') ... maybe I have some luck left, we'll see ... meanwhile, I'm smokin' :jointsmile:
  6. ProGroWannabe

    ProGroWannabe Registered+

    Give 'em hell!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!
  7. BUZz UK

    BUZz UK Registered+

    good luck man, hope all goes well for you. Stay safe ;)
  8. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    "never give up, never surrender"-buzz light year
  9. PharmaCan

    PharmaCan Registered+

    Are you in California? The courts have pretty much told the DEA to keep their hands off med users who are only growing for themselves. As long as your plant count is OK, you should be OK.

    Man, they don't want us old fucks in prison. Do you know how much it costs to maintain us? :D

    PC :smokin:
  10. smokedoja

    smokedoja Registered+

    ah man, im sorry to hear this... i hope everything goes well for you

    ,,,,,if i dont see you around thanks for your advice.......
  11. snowblind

    snowblind Registered+

    sorry dude that is fucked up,

    why where they at your friends house

    hope all is good in the neighbourhood

  12. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    not getting much info yet ... my friend was visited by two agents in black SUVs (regarding me) ... I'm thinking they were only Postal Inspectors, but can't get a clear answer on that yet, not using the phones ... I will be lying low for awhile ... fortunately, I just harvested my best couple of plants, so I won't be 'dry' for quite awhile ... thank you all, for your concern and well-wishes ... keep on farmin' :D
  13. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Reaper, you have all my very best wishes while you go through this shit.
    I hope you have somewhere to stash clone backups of your prize mothers and breeding stock in progress in case the unspeakable should happen.
    I PM'd you a VERY secure way to reach me. There is NO name attached to it and I will be switching it up soon anyway.
    Take good care of yourself and your girlies.
  14. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    Always better safe than sorry ,
    How did your name come up ? Did you use a real return addy ?
    I wish you and your friend to the east the best , lay low and maybe we can chat more in the future .
    God Bless
    Xcrispi -n- Juicy J . :jointsmile:
  15. AustinMan

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    Good luck man =]
  16. Justinrg

    Justinrg Registered+

    Fuck the DEA. Man keep it real and think positive. I bet nothing happens.
  17. khronik

    khronik Registered+

    I've never heard of anyone with a small indoor grow getting busted unless either they were selling it, someone turned them in, or someone inspecting the building found it. But good luck.
  18. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    Best of luck with the bad guys, image reaper. I'm hoping they get side-tracked onto a real drug issue, like someone dealing "X" to children or a heroin gang or something.

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  19. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    PC....you crack me up. :D

    Reaper......good luck and keep your head down. I personally never heard of you. :cool: ;)
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  20. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    turns out to be a Postal Inspector and a Federal Marshal inquiring about me ... no HARD evidence, but plenty of circumstantial ... NO ONE implicated with me, except for the one friend ... friend said they showed up at the door with a small package, they claimed it 'smelled up' the whole Post Office :jointsmile: ... wanted my friend to 'accept it' ... friend told them to fuck off, if they want it 'accepted' , there must be something 'wrong' with it ... how stupid do they think people are ?? :wtf: ... we should be OK ... been planning to travel for a little while, anyway ... might be a good time to go on a 'drive-about' :D ... no worries ... thanks again for concern ... :smokin:

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